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Cruise ship fiasco

Published: Monday, February 25, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, September 24, 2013 10:09

It seems that cruise ship incidents are a hot topic in the media these days.  First, there was the Costa Concordia incident off the coast of Italy that killed around 30 people, left two missing and injured more.  The Costa Concordia incident was a real tragedy, ending in lost lives.  Recently, there has been another cruise ship incident; this ship’s name being The Triumph.  The only difference between the two: This one isn’t a tragedy.

 The Carnival Triumph cruise was supposed to last four days, and go to Cozumel, Mexico.  That was before the engine fire, which crippled the ship and knocked out its propeller system, as well as sewage and air conditioning, according to the New York Times.  The worst part of the incident was the sewage that leaked and soaked the carpets throughout the ship.  Other than that, the patrons of the ship were simply inconvenienced.  The Washington Times interviewed a man by the name of Kirk Draut who was on the ship at the time.  He compared the incident to “camping at sea.” 

Many newspapers are reporting that the people had to eat ketchup or onion sandwiches.  They reported a dire situation that the media has blown way out of portion.  According to Draut, there was plenty of food and entertainment for everyone as they waited to be rescued.  They even had a cell phone charging station on the deck.   He went as far as to upload pictures of plates of food that they were eating on the ship, to his Flickr account.  Draut was quoted in the Washington Times saying about two girls on the deck:

“I was eating chicken fajitas and shrimp cocktails. They’re sitting in deck chairs charging their phones and telling some TV station how god-awful it was,” he said. “It was not god-awful.”

Most Americans that can afford a cruise don’t like to be inconvenienced.   When someone takes a cruise, they should know what they’re getting into.  Incidents like this may be rare, but people need to understand that a cruise is a ship out on a vast ocean.  Things like this can happen.

 As far as the passengers on the cruise, they need to calm down.  The media made this out to be way worse than it actually was.  It was people, who are used to the best of the best, complaining about how rough it was to be stuck in a ship full of entertainment and food.  It is Carnival Cruise’s fault this happened, there’s no doubt that they need to make safety the number one priority, next to entertainment. 

The people that were stuck on the cruise got a full refund of their money, as well as the money they spent on the ship.  They also had the option to get credit towards another cruise, an offer I’m sure many people turned down. 

I think that some of the passengers of the ship need to suck it up; it’s not like it was the Titanic.

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