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Game spurs debate, causes controversy

Published: Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Updated: Tuesday, September 24, 2013 10:09

The debate of whether this game should be banned is ongoing. The game is nevertheless available online from many sources, and links to download the game are highly accessible. 

"[Whether] this [is] a positive or negative thing is entirely up for debate. Being an advocate for anti-censorship, I believe this game has a right to be welcomed in our society, even though it's completely politically incorrect by today's standards," Milano said. "There's an audience for everything and, believe it or not, I'm sure this game is being played by some very troubled individuals at this very moment. I say, let them sit inside their bedrooms playing the game instead of being out there in the subway."


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Wed May 12 2010 12:11
I find it amusing that once again, a piece points out there is no 'alternate ending' but fails to mention that the 'ending' involves the punishment (via death at the hands of his victims) of the main character.

I also found it sad that people were so outraged over this piece that they got the guy fired. Ah, destroying lives while hiding behind the cloak of morality... classic.... people just love finding people to victimize when they know they can get away with it, and this is what we had here.

Tue May 4 2010 14:58
Game spurs debate, causes controversy, article gets GameStop employee fired.

Faith, games, porn, whatever, don't cause people to kill and rape. Seriously. If anything it provides a healthier outlet for aggression (which we all have some level of). Also, Derek Littlejohn is one of the nicest people I know which further proves that you have no idea what you're talking about.

Sat May 1 2010 20:35
First, I apologize for the Littlejohn comment to Littlejohn and to anyone offended or hurt by it. I could have went about saying I disagreed with him in a more tactful away. I was not referring to him when I was talking about why I thought why kids who liked this game liked it, and that bit of my reactionary rant was brought on by the "disturbed kids sitting in their rooms and not on the subway" quote.

I wasn't about to criticize something on the Net and then hide behind an anonymous posting. I got very angry over the game and I don't understand why ANYONE would play it. I don't care if it's taking away the rights of the creators of the game because the game is focused on promoting an undermining of a very basic human right-the right to not be harmed. And it is not just a game and I dont understand how anyone could say that, but to each their own. Like I said, I could have disagreed with him more tactfully. Usually I think before I speak but my gut reaction was anger to this article.

My brother shared this with me awhile ago. It was written by a woman who was sexually assaulted and her reaction to RapeLay. While I'm with her on not everyone is going to go out on a rape spree, and that crazy is crazy and that goes in hand with what I said my previous comment, again, I am still at a loss as to why it's being played/made/sold.

That's all.

Fri Apr 30 2010 21:12
Voicing ones opinion should not get them fired fromt heir job.
Fri Apr 30 2010 14:51
Kids want to emulate what they see in the media. Ted Bundy said in his final interview that when porn wasnt enough of a high, he took to actually doing it...and that's the problem with games like this. Who else would play them except people looking for a high from it, subconscious or not-so what happens when gaming is not enough?
RapeLay sounds intensely psychological and the gamer has to be into that controlling psychology to be "into" it-think about it. Forcing a woman to have an abortion, and rape itself, is all about the mindset of the rapist or the person assuming control. Driving a car into a building does not have to be psychological to be fun, but in order for Rapelay to be "fun" for the gamer, then they have to get off on some level about the simulated abuse. Why elese would it sell?
On another note, Littlejohn sounds like a creeper. Sorry you had to endure that. :(

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