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  • Commencement

    University prepares for undergraduate, hooding ceremonies

      For Anna Shaw, senior intelligence and national security and accounting double major, graduating means excitement and time to spend together with her family. Max Kovalchuk, senior sports, arts and entertainment management major, said he believes graduation will be another step to start his career and will be a memory for his family.

  • News

    New eight-term student success, advising policies set for fall

      The University is planning to make changes to its current advising guidelines this fall by implementing two new advising protocols in an effort to better student experience at Point Park and increase graduation and retention rates.  “We are right where a lot of colleges and universities are in terms of retaining students and right with our peers in terms of graduation rates, and we just don’t think that that’s good enough,” said Karen McIntyre, senior vice president of Academic and Student Affairs April 8 in her office.

  • News

    USG adds new requirements for clubs on campus

      The United Student Government (USG) is working to put legislation in place to address common issues clubs have been facing. Among these legislations are the requirement of executive officers and a funding outline. Next week, the legislative body will vote on requiring a Rollover Report for predecessors.

  • PCD

    Students give back at Pioneer Community Day

      Nearly 160 Point Park students, faculty and staff gave back to the Pittsburgh and Downtown community after volunteering to be a part of the fourth annual Pioneer Community Day (PCD). The United Student Government (USG) sponsored PCD as a way for students to thank Pittsburgh, according to Julian Singleton, USG member and PCD co-chair.

  • Julian

    USG holds debate for next president, vice president

      The future president and vice president of the United Student Government (USG) were introduced to students during a U-View televised debate and a Twitter conversation April 8. With both positions running unopposed, the “debate” gave Julian Singleton and Andrew LeDonne, presidential and vice presidential candidates respectively, the opportunity to speak about their plans and ambitions for next year.

  • News

    USG, JW Tabacchi discuss University judicial system

      Director of Judicial Affairs JW Tabacchi spoke to the United Student Government (USG) to address concerns and clarify the judicial process at Point Park. Tabacchi discussed in detail the complete judiciary process, including sending incident reports to requesting appeals.

  • News

    Students spooked by cockroaches

      When freshman cinema productions major Ayla Miller was walking into her bathroom she noticed a cockroach on the floor. Freshman musical theater major Matthew Calvert was auditioning to attend Point Park when he encountered a cockroach. These two students are among many who have complained about a cockroach problem in Lawrence Hall.

  • News

    New community facilitators prepare for responsibilities

      After being inspired by his community facilitator (CF) this year, freshman cinema major Troy Martin decided to follow in his CF’s footsteps and applied for the position. Sophomore musical theatre major Zhanah Wyche is currently a CF and has learned a thing or two about responsibility.

  • lounge

    University to give students more space

    Students can look forward to new spaces for studying and campus events when they return in the fall. Construction of a new lounge space and multi-purpose meeting room is set to be completed in May, according to Chris Hill, vice president of operations in the Physical Plant.

  • Forum

    Students react to Hennigan’s Project 2020 initiative forum

      Students expressed different opinions about the Project 2020 initiative after University President Paul Hennigan hosted a student forum March 26. Hennigan explained to students that the new initiative is an attempt to improve Point Park’s undergraduate experience through high impact education practices with an emphasis on engagement and the increasing retention and graduation rates before opening the floor for questions about the initiative.

  • Amy

    University hires new lawyer with experience

      When Amy McCall was younger she wanted to be a lawyer, but instead ended up majoring in computer science at Drexel University. After homeschooling her children, McCall decided to return to school and get a law degree. McCall now works as the sole general counsel at Point Park, a position she started in February.

  • News

    USG proposes ideas for advising

      The United Student Government (USG) discussed feedback on the Point Park 2020 Initiative, focusing specifically on advising. USG’s suggestions included creating a way to report poor advisors, capping the number of advisees an advisor can be assigned and standardizing the process of changing an advisor.

  • News

    University locates missing employee payroll reports

      After waiting on news about their missing personal information for approximately two weeks, the 1,800 University employees affected by the data breach can breathe a sigh of relief. “It has been found,” said Hennigan March 20 in Academic Hall. “The shipping box was caught in a conveyor belt at the shipper.

  • News

    Point Park to introduce new initiative in fall

      Point Park will begin an initiative with freshmen students in the fall revamping several major aspects of the University’s educational experience. The initiative introduces a new core curriculum, new teaching effectiveness and evaluation, new advising protocols and a co-curricular transcript.

  • News

    Commuters express lack of representation

      When commuter and junior photography major Tyler Banash first started attending Point Park, he found it difficult to connect to the campus. “I felt so alien,” said Banash March 17 in the Lawrence Hall lobby. “This space…it didn’t feel like it belonged to me.

  • News

    Adjuncts respond to President Hennigan’s rebuttal

      University President Paul Hennigan responded Feb. 20 to what he called a distorted fact sheet issued by the United Steel Workers (USW) in regard to Point Park’s adjunct faculty pay, benefits and circumstances. Adjunct faculty and organizers from USW released another written letter March 10 in response to Hennigan, stating the adjunct faculty’s organizing efforts are merely an attempt to have higher pay, greater involvement and productivity in Point Park’s community.

  • News

    USG, President Hennigan discuss changes to advising

      University President Paul Hennigan met with the United Student Government (USG) to discuss upcoming changes to student advising. The University believes the changes to advising will not only help students graduate on time, but will also improve University retention and graduation rates, according to Hennigan.

  • News

    The day we’re all Irish

    Sara Rhodes had never been to a parade before the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Pittsburgh this weekend. She was not exactly sure what to expect when she woke up Saturday morning and walked outside.  “I had heard about all the craziness from my friends, but I honestly had no idea what to expect,” said Rhodes.

  • News

    Crime Report, March 19, 2014

    Crime Report 3/10-3/16   Monday 3/10             11:55 p.m. – trespass warning-Third Avenue Dumpster – officer responded             total calls: 29 total lockouts: 3 Tuesday 3/11             7:49 p.

  • News

    Innocence Institute alumni gets new trial

      A man sentenced to life in prison for the deaths of three firefighters in 1995 during a fire at his family’s home will have the chance at another trial. Judge Joseph Williams III said Feb. 19 his consideration of an appeal by Greg Brown was based on the credibility of witnesses in a post-trial hearing.

  • News

    University raises tuition for 2014-2015 school year

      Students can expect to pay more money in order to attend Point Park next semester after the University decided to increase tuition and fees for the 2014-2015 academic year. Non-Conservatory of Performing Arts (COPA) undergraduate students will have to pay $25,980.

  • News

    USG initiates dialogue with The Globe

      United Student Government (USG) President Dillon Kunkle will meet with Globe Editor-in-Chief Andrew Goldstein to discuss what he called “misrepresentation” and “misinformation” in last week’s Globe’s Point. “It’s our job to respond to [The Globe’s Point],” said Kunkle on Monday in the Student and Convocation Center.

  • News

    University judicial process in question

    Recent hearings lead to closer look at students’ rights

      (Editor’s Note: There is language in this story that may not be suitable for all readers.) Students disciplined by the Office of Judicial Affairs say they believe it is unjust and corrupt. Samantha Lee and Andrew Goldstein said they believe they were wrongly accused of being in violation of the Student Code of Conduct and subsequently verbally abused by Director of Judicial Affairs JW Tabacchi.

  • Debate

    Social, gun rights topics of discussion at political debate

      The University’s two political clubs gathered for a debate in hopes of sparking student interest about political issues such as women’s rights, education and gun rights. The College Democrats and College Republicans held their first political debate on March 13 in the George Rowland White Theater in the University Center.

  • News

    University, payroll vendor transaction results in missing employee data

      Point Park employees are on the lookout for possible identity theft after University President Paul Hennigan sent out an email about missing reports with their personal information March 6. In an email to all University employees, including student workers, Hennigan explained that on Feb.

  • Basketball

    Women’s hoops wins KIAC title

    Team travels to Iowa for nationals

      Katresa Savisky knew the game was in her hands with a trip to the Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (KIAC) Tournament finals on the line. The Point Park women’s basketball team was leading for much of the second half, but Berea College battled back to cut the deficit to 64-62 with 20 seconds to play forcing Savisky to make free throws under pressure.

  • News

    USG reaches out to club leaders to build relationships

      The United Student Government (USG) will meet with club leaders this week to outline changes in the way funds are allocated to clubs. The changes will include a new After Event form, a single form for initial funding requests and supplemental requests and a mandatory workshop later this semester for club leaders.

  • News

    Public Safety continues plans to update campus security system

      University security is in the process of being updated, which will include a tighter security system and expansion of identity card readers. “There was a need for it,” said Police Captain Bernie Merrick of the Department of Public Safety in Frontier Hall Feb.

  • News

    Health Fair to welcome Active Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Cares

      Students looking to revamp their health and find new paths to a healthier lifestyle will have the opportunity to attend this month’s Health and Wellness Fair hosted by the Student Health Center.  “There will be anything that will provide enrichment for students’ lives in a physical health way, emotional health and wellness options,” said University nurse Heather Capo March 6 in her office.

  • News

    Lieutenant Governor candidate seeks support with College Democrats through education, LGBT rights

      Brad Koplinksi, a candidate for Lieutenant Governor, visited the University Feb. 18 to speak about his position on issues such as education and LGBT rights with the College Democrats. Koplinksi, a Democrat, is a city councilman in Harrisburg. “We have been trying to go to a lot of colleges and universities throughout the state,” said Brad Koplinski in the Student and Convocation Center before his speech.

  • News

    Frigid weather leaves commuters frustrated

    Amanda Soltis still cannot believe on Feb. 4, the Port Authority trolleys were down during a widespread ice storm but Point Park still had classes, even though most of them were in rooms with empty seats. On that same day, it took Jake Charles three hours to get from Scottdale, Pa.

  • Hennigan

    Hennigan states University stance on adjunct faculty

      University President Paul Hennigan spoke on behalf of administration in regards to the issue of adjunct faculty unionization with the United Student Government (USG). In the past three weeks, USG discussed whether it should support the Student Solidarity Organization’s statement of support for adjuncts.

  • News

    Point Cafe criticized for cross contact

      When sophomore business major Samantha Sanchez ordered a cheese panini from the Point Café, she watched the worker use the same knife that was used for the previous order on her sandwich. Ashley Ball, a sophomore acting major, said when she eats a cheese quesadilla it tastes like meat.

  • News

    University shifts focus to advising, core curriculum

      University administration is introducing an eight-term plan to Point Park stakeholders as part of the move to increase retention and graduation rates. President Paul Hennigan presented the initiative to full-time and adjunct faculty at open forums in the past month.

  • News

    Newly formed clubs struggle to maintain momentum

      The University saw an emergence of new clubs last semester, but because of a lack of leadership, advertising and student interest, these new clubs have not had success. The Cosmo Club, Black Student Union and L.A.R.P. (live action role-playing) are still recognized as clubs on campus, according to Brad Kovalcik, coordinator of Student Activities, Involvement and Leadership (SAIL).

  • WPPJ

    WPPJ nominated for College Radio Awards

      Five radio personalities from Point Park’s student-run radio station, WPPJ 670 AM, are heading to New York City after being nominated for the 2014 College Radio Awards. Sara Daversa, Mary Jo Maloney, Alexandra Soukovich, Chris Hoffman and Jennifer Bloodworth will attend the 74th Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS) Conference March 7-9.

  • Camera

    Cinema department limits students from camera use

      When freshman cinema major Ayla Miller was recruited to study film at Point Park, she was excited that she would have access to high-tech cameras to make moving pictures. After her arrival, she found out that was not the case. All sophomore film major Dan Helbling wants to do is make films, but the strict policies against him using the stellar equipment has dampened his spirit and limited his experience.

  • Adjunct

    University unsure about reason behind efforts toward adjunct union

      When William Breslove was a student at Point Park, adjunct math professor Charles Scott was a highly influential figure to him. Breslove credits Scott as the main reason he stayed at the school as an undergraduate. “[Scott] was the best faculty person I had,” said Breslove said in his office Feb.

  • News

    Project 2020: New course to focus on first-year students

      Incoming freshmen will be required to take an introductory course focused on building community in the fall after the University and faculty gave the green light on one of the new core classes for Project 2020: Mission Delivery. “City-University Life is one of the courses that was designed as part of our Point Park 2020 core curriculum revision,” said Karen McIntyre, senior vice president for academic and student affairs and dean of faculty, Feb.

  • USG

    USG votes to reject student group’s statement of support

      The Student Solidarity Organization (SSO) will not receive support from the United Student Government (USG) after it voted against the group’s statement of support for the unionization of adjunct professors after three weeks of discussion. “We had three weeks of really good discussion,” said USG President Dillon Kunkle on Monday.

  • News

    University launches pilot semester of retention software

      As the topic of lower retention rates looms at the University, on Jan. 19 Point Park launched its pilot semester of “Finish Line Retention,” a program to improve communication between students and staff to help students reach graduation. Finish Line is a prospect brought forth by the Persistence Project, an initiative created by the administration to improve Point Park’s retention rate, which is at risk of falling below national averages.

  • News

    University to update Wi-Fi

      In the coming months, the University will be revamping its Wi-Fi to provide coverage to the entire campus. According to an email blast sent to students on Jan. 31, the improved Wi-Fi will be much faster, will allow students to save their usernames and passwords to their devices and let them roam campus without losing connections.

  • News

    Upperclassmen unhappy with unexpected neighbors

      When junior broadcasting major Hilary Maglin was a freshman, she was told underclassmen were not allowed to live in the Boulevard Apartments. Now that she lives there, she realizes that is no longer the case. When senior sports, arts and entertainment management major Cody Williams enrolled at Point Park, he was told freshman and sophomores were assigned to live in the dorms and suites.

  • News

    Student groups advocate for finances on Funding Day

    USG allocates money to 31 clubs

      The United Student Government (USG) allocated $43,182.36 to 31 clubs on Monday at its bi-annual “Funding Day” in the Lawrence Hall lobby. Some clubs saw their funding challenged or changed from last year. The Honors Student Organization (HSO) received its funding by a single vote after being criticized for its lack of inclusiveness.

  • News

    SAEM "Career Event" to help students find internships, jobs

    Employers ranging from sports teams, theatre, event planners and more will visit Point Park University on Feb. 11 seeking qualified students for internship and job opportunities.  The Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management Department is working with the Career Development Center to host the third annual Career Event.

  • News

    Raised alcohol, drug sanctions fail to decrease student offenses

      A male student was charged with a first time marijuana offense last year, bringing him a $75 fine and a meeting with the University’s coordinator of alcohol and other drug education. If the student, a junior sports, arts and entertainment management major, was fined this year under the new University policies, he would pay $200 for a first time drug offense.

  • News

    USG, student group continue conversation on adjunct faculty

      The Student Solidarity Organization (SSO) continued its support for the unionization of adjunct professors at the University for the second consecutive week. After presenting its case to the United Student Government (USG) on Jan. 27, the student group returned to discuss its statement of support on Monday after the governing body tabled it for further discussion.

  • News

    Stress, anxiety factors in mental health issues

      While most college students are taking classes, they are also dealing with extracurricular activities. School work combined with jobs, athletics and the stresses of everyday life may lead to serious issues if not handled properly. “People here go through family issues or course overload,” said senior sports, arts and entertainment management major Mackenzie Pinto Thursday afternoon in Lawrence Hall.

  • News

    Students petition for healthier food options

      Students are still pushing for healthier food, but this time through the University’s student government and an independent petition with the hopes of expanding vegetarian and vegan options. “We just weren’t excited to get food,” said Sierra Barnett, a freshman modern dance and sports, arts and entertainment management double major, outside of a dance studio Jan.

  • News

    Downtown eatery Nathan’s Famous closes

      Nathan’s Famous, a fast food restaurant neighboring the University, closed Jan. 17 after serving the Downtown community for three years. Located in the YWCA building across Fourth Avenue from Academic Hall, Nathan’s was owned by the YWCA to provide funding for its social services.

  • News

    Student group in support of adjunct faculty unionization

      After the Student Solidarity Organization stood before the United Student Government (USG) in support of the unionization of adjunct professors, members of the governing body voted to endorse the cause, but then decided to table it for further discussion.

  • News

    Intramurals ‘part of the college experience’

      Students interested and passionate about playing sports for fun rather than professionally will have the opportunity to join the University’s intramural program starting next week. “We think [intramurals are] important to have as part of the college experience,” said Sam Kosanovich, director of the Student and Convocation Center Jan.

  • News

    Students take on COPA auditions

    Stress, opportunities a part of intense tryout week

      While most students spent the past two weeks adjusting to new classes, students of the Conservatory of Performing Arts (COPA) program were auditioning for new shows and productions, resulting in a busy start to the semester.  “Everything is in such a small time span,” said sophomore acting major Perris Drew in the Lawrence Hall lobby.

  • News

    Jan. 22 Crime Report

      Tuesday, Jan. 14: 9:30 a.m. Bag sitting in front of       West Penn Building. Dispatcher       responded.   Wednesday Jan, 15: 10:07 p.m. Odor investigation in       Boulevard Apartments.

  • Osteria

    Osteria 100 ends service

    Restaurant poorly received by students

      After less than two years of mostly unsuccessful attempts at attracting student customers to dine, Osteria 100 shut its doors permanently on campus. “I could have foreseen it closing,” said Quinn Wirth, a senior cinema productions major. The casual Italian restaurant opened in the Village Park in the summer of 2012, and despite its efforts, failed to impress University students.

  • Peduto

    Mayor Peduto shifts focus to young people in Pittsburgh

      At his first occasion being introduced to a group with the moniker “Mayor,” Bill Peduto presented his goal of turning Pittsburgh into a “buzz city,” much like hipster-meccas Portland and Seattle. So how do you build a buzz city? Part of that goal is retaining Pittsburgh’s youth and, according to Peduto, that means creating jobs.

  • News

    Point Park to introduce card swipe systems on shuttles

      Public Safety is implementing new system updates to keep students living in both the Downtown and Oakland areas safer. According to United Student Government (USG) President Dillon Kunkle, the Public Safety Oversight Committee met Jan. 16 and discussed the improvements and updates Public Safety is making to their system.

  • Athletics

    Athletics boosts enrollment

    New sport to welcome more students in fall

      With the addition of men’s and women’s track and field for the 2014-15 school year, Point Park is expecting to add roughly 25 new student athletes. “Ideally, athletics are a community builder. I think it brings some talented students here,” said Vice President of Enrollment Management Gary Bracken in his office Monday afternoon.

  • Women's Basketball

    Women’s basketball makes history

    Team loses first game after 14 game winning streak

      In New Albany, Ind., the Point Park women’s basketball team saw its winning streak at risk, so senior Katresa Savisky took command of the huddle during a late game time out. “This is our game to win,” Savisky said. The Pioneers prevailed in overtime and extended what became a program best 14 game winning streak before losing its first game to Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (KIAC) opponent Berea University.

  • News

    USG plans fourth annual Pioneer Community Day

      The United Student Government (USG) is already putting plans in motion for the fourth annual Pioneer Community Day, focusing efforts on the Downtown area. “It’s our way to give back,” said USG President Pro Tempore Gabriel Dubin on Monday. “Point Park advertises as an urban community, and this is a way for us as a University to give back to our Downtown community and to Pittsburgh.

  • Leadership

    Leadership workshop to begin in fall 2014

      President Paul Hennigan made student retention a top priority for the University, and each department is looking for ways to retain students, according to Michael Gieseke.  Gieseke, senior assistant dean of Campus Life, said getting students involved in the University is an important part of that effort.

  • CAB

    CAB highlights plans for spring semester

    Colossal Candy Land, Charity Ball among events

    Students who enjoyed playing Candy Land as children can look forward to being human-sized pieces in a live version of the popular board game. “We are taking cardboard and making the entire game board in the gym,” said Campus Activities Board (CAB) Public Relations Chair Noelle Novakovich.

  • News

    The truth about flu shots: It’s not too late to buy into the hype

      Sharon Silvestri emphatically said there are several misleading beliefs about the influenza vaccine, including, but not limited to, that they simply do not work, they actually make you ill, your current health will protect you from influenza, and especially that the most common outbreaks of flu take place in the fall.

  • News

    Issue 14 Crime Report

    Nov. 18 3:19 p.m. Campus police investigated a case of drug possession in Lawrence Hall.   Nov. 19 12:44 a.m. The Office of Public Safety received a noise complaint in Thayer Hall. 4:20 p.m. Officers followed up on reported suspicious activity.   Nov.

  • no shave

    May the best beard win

    Students competing in contest will help fundraise for Play It Forward

    Five students were proudly donning beards throughout the month of November for Point Park’s first ever No Shave November Pageant, benefitting families in need during this holiday season. Brian Bresnehan, Josh Maywood, Ryan Black, Thomas Birko and Zach Durkin will participate in the pageant on Dec.

  • news

    New administrators discuss enrollment, retention strategies with Legislative Body

    The United Student Government (USG) talked to enrollment and retention software administrators to express concerns about adjunct faculty, tuition and a lack of transparency. “We wanted to get them familiar with what we do and at the same time learn what kind of ideas they have, what their goals are and what they plan on doing with these new positions the University has created that they have filled,” said Vice President Evan Schall on Monday.

  • study abroad

    Point Park considers Ireland, Florence study abroad options

    Anna Berish spent a portion of her last two summers living in both Rome and London, immersed in the different cultures of Europe. Natasha Young found her classes in Rome to be more challenging compared to those at Point Park. Senior musical theater major Kelsey Boze spent most of her free time while abroad in London last spring traveling to other cities and countries.

  • news

    University introduces track and field teams

    Point Park’s expanding athletic department will grow even larger next year with the addition of men and women’s track and field teams. Both teams begin their inaugural seasons in spring of the 2014-2015 school year and will compete in the Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (KIAC).

  • news

    Kunkle tries to answer the question: Where is the money going?

    With suspicions about where money from annual student activities fees ends up and concerns about a lack of budget transparency after two lawsuits, United Student Government (USG) President Dillon Kunkle requested the full operating budget from school administrators.

  • light up night

    New stage, activities for this year’s Light Up Night

    Pittsburgh’s annual Light Up Night is set to launch the holiday season Friday, Nov. 22, illuminating the city for the fifty-third time.   With the addition of a stage and extra activities on Smithfield Street and in Market Square, this year will stand out, according to Maria Athanas, a worker for Specialty Concessions.

  • news

    SAIL, Habitat partner for spring break in Charleston

    Point Park junior Laura Carmody spent last year’s spring break in California where she worked alongside Habitat for Humanity building and refurbishing homes for underprivileged families.   “You have to give back to other people who have less than you if you want there to be any progress,” Carmody said.

  • news

    Clubs question USG budget allocations

    After the United Student Government (USG) questioned the College Republicans about the rights for its film series, the College Democrats cancelled its own. Alyssa Knierim, president of the College Democrats said it is important to have “solidarity” between political clubs and said the College Republicans were unfairly scrutinized.

  • news

    University asks for USG’s opinion on library renovations

    When asked what it would change about the library when the Playhouse moves Downtown, the United Student Government (USG) expressed concerns regarding study spaces, adding new amenities and updating services. “The Playhouse project, we have begun designing,” said University architect Elmer Burger to USG members Monday.

  • mcclatchy1

    Former Pirates owner offers industry insight to students

    Former Pittsburgh Pirates owner Kevin McClatchy spoke to Point Park students on Wednesday in the Lawrence Hall Ballroom on the business of sports management. “Now that I’m out of the business, my life has changed,” said McClatchy following the presentation.

  • News

    Students react to election results

      Bill Peduto is set to become Pittsburgh's mayor after winning the race for the city in a landslide. "Pittsburgh is poised for something greater," Peduto said in a speech after winning the election. "We are the next great American city." Point Park students are now reacting to the election results.

  • News

    Police searching for man known as "Pimpin'," responsible for violent attack

    Police are still searching for the man responsible for a violent attack in Market Square on Friday just before 5 p.m.          The attacker, known as "Pimpin’," according to the timely notification bulletin sent out by University police, slashed a man's throat using a razor blade following an argument between the two men.

  • News

    Rugby on the Rise

    Tom Walk was a freshman when a friend who lived on his floor appeared at his door and told him to get some workout clothes on for an unconventional game of ball.  “We’re going to go play at The Point.  Let’s go," the friend said.  Walk went along with it, but it was only after he arrived that he fell in love with the rough and rowdy game of rugby.

  • News

    Issue 11 Crime Report

    Oct. 28 5:50 a.m. Officers investigated a report of disorderly conduct and public urination near Lawrence Hall. 9:35 a.m. Public safety officers checked the area around the West Penn building after a report of trespassing. 3:19 p.m. Someone reported a theft of phone chargers from Lawrence Hall.

  • Elevators

    Persistent elevator problems raise maintenance concerns

    Like many other Point Park students, sophomore dance major Carly Wood dealt with elevator issues since the beginning of her freshman year, a problem that still persists. “I’ve had issues in Lawrence Hall where there’s only one elevator working,” said Wood during an interview in her room Oct.

  • News

    New executive employee to manage enrollment, retention rate intiatives

    Following a decline in student retention rates in the last several years, Point Park created initiatives to identify the issues. Recently, it introduced a new executive position to manage the undertaking. As of Oct. 8, Gary Bracken has been the vice president of enrollment management and will head the University’s efforts in raising student retention rate, which is the percentage of freshman students who return their sophomore year.

  • News

    USG hopes to attract 200 people to voice concerns at forum

    The United Student Government (USG) plans to lure students to its annual fall forum by offering snow cones, a bouncy house and trivia among other activities and prizes. Forum will be held on the third floor of Lawrence Hall in the ballroom on Thursday from 7 p.

  • News

    Issue 10 Crime Report

    Oct. 21 4:59 p.m. Point Park police arrested a Pittsburgh man at Third Avenue and Wood Street, charging him with disorderly conduct.   Oct. 22 5:50 a.m. Police reported from Frontier Hall that a bike was found. 9:27 p.m. Officers reported that property was found in Lawrence Hall.

  • Peduto

    Mayoral candidate Bill Peduto pledges efficient Downtown bus routes, safe areas

    Commuter students might feel like their voices are often not heard, but they will be part of the conversation Councilman and mayoral candidate Bill Peduto has as he plans to make changes to the outdated bus systems running Downtown. “Having students involved in that discussion will help to basically gain support for whatever alternative is chosen,” said Peduto in the City County building last Wednesday.

  • obit

    Man studied public administration at Point Park to give back to community

    Like many musicians, Stephen “Steve” P. Cunich dreamt about what he would do if he hit it big. But he did not dream about the fame or buying a large house, nice car or fancy clothes. He dreamt about helping the homeless or starting a soup kitchen. In his early 40s, Cunich decided to go back to school because even though he might not have been able to fulfill his dreams from his band’s success, he thought he could improve the treatment of the less fortunate as a health care administrator.

  • news

    University-wide Wi-Fi coming 2015; changes in progress

     Students can look forward to campus-wide Wi-Fi officially being at Point Park within the next two years in response to numerous complaints. “We will be as aggressive as we can because we know that you folks have long waited for it, and you’ve complained about it for a long time,” said Director of Information Technology Services Tim Wilson on Monday to USG.

  • Prague Writer's Festival

    Festival theme resonates with document signed in Pittsburgh

    Czech Senate president thanks Pittsburgh, US for support when forming new nation

      Ninety-five years after the Pittsburgh Agreement formed the state of Czechoslovakia, Pittsburgh welcomed back members of the Czech Senate to Point Park University for the world-renowned Prague Writers’ Festival. “We were really happy to be invited to Pittsburgh, since we celebrate our 95th anniversary of the establishment of Czechoslovakia, and the Pittsburgh Declaration preceding it,” said President of the Czech Senate Milan Stech in a press conference in the University Center on Oct.

  • News

    USG to strike dialogue with administration on shuttle issues

      USG President Dillon Kunkle’s experience with being stuck on campus overnight because of University shuttles and an influx of student complaints launched the Legislative Body into a discussion about the future of student transportation when the Playhouse moves Downtown.

  • News

    EMT hired to fill empty position since August

      Smyth Welton decided to become an emergency medical technician (EMT) 18 years ago and has not looked back since. Welton has always been interested in EMT work, and when a neighbor involved in the field got him to volunteer, he realized he found his passion.

  • News

    Point Park to host first Prague Writers’ Festival in US

    Historical ties bring international festival to Pittsburgh

    The Prague Writers’ Festival will make its first appearance in the U.S. at the University this week based off of the strong creative community and growing population of international students. The festival moves from Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, to Point Park.

  • News

    Political club appeal fails to reverse veto

    After Joe Rittenhouse stood before the United Student Government (USG) to appeal the veto of the College Republicans budget, the Legislative Body voted to allocate money for previous requests but not for VIP access to a conference. Two weeks ago, USG President Dillon Kunkle and senate members vetoed the student organization’s budget of $1,886.

  • News

    Master’s program added to meet increased industry demand for screenwriting

    Senior screenwriting major Amy Goldman dreams of writing for a television comedy show after she graduates. The University’s new screenwriting master’s program, which is one of only 11 nationwide, might be her next step to reaching that dream. The University’s Master of Fine Arts degree in screenwriting and playwriting is a low-residency, mostly online program scheduled to start in fall 2014, which aims to capitalize on the need for writers in the growing entertainment business.

  • News

    Art Installation to raise awareness for homeless children

    Erika Mangual is bringing her love of children to campus by teaming up with the Homeless Children’s Education Fund (HCEF) to raise awareness about the issue of homeless children in Allegheny County. “This is my passion,” said Mangual, a sophomore business management major, on Oct.

  • News

    Business School makes changes for retention, recruitment

    In an effort to retain and recruit students, the School of Business added more accelerated class schedule options and the sports, arts and entertainment management program (SAEM) now has its own department with a more prominent administrative role, according to department administrators.

  • news

    Vacant Thayer floors to yield dorm space

    Plans of renovation creating additional living space in Thayer Hall will begin as early as winter break and will be finished by the 2014 fall semester. The University organized plans to renovate the third and fourth vacant floors in Thayer Hall back into extra living space for the students.

  • News

    Citizens without healthcare could face fines in 2014

    Virtually everyone in the United States will be required to have health coverage or pay a penalty beginning next year when the Affordable Care Act goes into effect. “If students have coverage, they have it. If they don’t, by law, they need to go on the [health insurance] exchange by Jan.

  • news

    College Republicans appeal USG president budget veto

    Members of the College Republicans organization chose to appeal the veto of its budget by the United Student Government (USG) after losing funding for a Republican conference, a bake sale and food for meetings. USG President Dillon Kunkle decided last Monday with the approval of senate members to veto the College Republicans $1,886.

  • News

    Local unions to host Troublemaker School

    When Margot Nikitas was working at a museum in Chicago, she witnessed the power of collective action when a group of workers occupied the window factory where they were employed preventing it from being shut down. “The workers decided they were not going to stand for this.

  • News

    Random Acts of Kindness Club inspires compassion

    With a certificate in positive psychology, Mary Reis was always interested in the physical and mental benefits of an act of kindness. This semester, Reis, who is the associate director of Student Accounts, started a Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) club on campus so she could see those benefits spread throughout the community.

  • Rugby

    'Bison Rugby' team grows and thrives

    Just a few years ago, the University’s rugby team barely had enough members to field a team, according to the team’s advisor, Matthew Richardson. Today, the team has 27 players, eight of which are returning members from previous seasons. Their new membership to the Three Rivers Rugby Conference has strengthened the growing team and its thriving fan base.

  • duck 1

    Florentijn Hofman’s Rubber Duck graces Pittsburgh's waters

    Spectators gather at Point State Park to get a glimpse of Florentijn Hofman’s Rubber Duck. The 40-foot art installation was ferried to The Point during The Rubber Duck Bridge Party last Friday and will continue to enthrall visitors until its departure on Oct.

  • Potoczny

    Alum transforms warehouse into bike park

    After Point Park alum Michael Potoczny volunteered to tear down an old skate park called B-Cubed, it became his dream to use the pieces for something new. That opportunity came when Harry Geyer of Geyer Constructionpurchased a warehouse in Homewood with the intention of turning it into a bike park in the Winter of 2012.

  • news

    USG president vetoes trip for single student to College Republicans conference

    The College Republicans will be unable to attend a 2014 Republican conference with money from the United Student Government (USG) after a veto by the Legislative Body’s president, because the conference would not benefit the overall student population.

  • news

    New student involvement creates clubs

    Alexandra Stelitano wanted to create a club where people could enjoy horror films throughout the year instead of only during Halloween. Connor Yoho and Scott Geibel joked one day about making a live action role-playing club. When Alexis Adams transferred to Point Park, she wanted to join the Black Student Union (BSU), but to her dismay, it was not available, so she decided to restart the club.

  • Alcohol Graphic

    On campus alcohol, drug fines spike

    Students violating the University’s drug and alcohol policies may face much larger fines this year, with fees increased by as much as 500 percent. “We saw a drastic increase from Spring [2012] to Spring [2013] in the number of students that were getting involved in underage drinking and drugs, so we felt students weren’t taking our policies seriously,” said Director of Judicial Affairs JW Tabacchi in an interview on Sept.

  • News

    USG allocates funds for 30 organizations

    The National Broadcasting Society (NBS) will not have money for speakers and events, the cheerleading squad will receive no money for transportation to go to competitions, and the photography club will not be fully funded for its trip to New York due to allocation cuts made from requests to USG.

  • Bikes

    Bicycle thefts prompt ‘extra patrols’

    Bicycle thefts recently increased around campus, and they are happening during the daytime according to University police. Although these thefts occurred during daylight hours, the thieves got away successfully due to how quickly they broke the bike locks.

  • Shuttle

    University officials encourage transportation planning

    Parades, traffic, construction, weather could delay Point Park shuttles

    Recently, several Point Park students rode the University shuttle to shop at The Waterfront shopping center, but when they wanted to return, there was no shuttle. After calling a cab that never came, the students were picked up by a University police officer, according to Captain Bernie Merrick of the University Department of Public Safety.

  • Police

    University police presence to remain in Oakland

    When junior musical theater major Sonny Chianese came home one day to his Oakland residence, he never expected to find dozens of campus and city police surrounding his neighborhood. There were a series of burglaries in Oakland and the Point Park police provided him with reassurance of protection.

  • News

    Preservation groups question Playhouse architecture plans

    A dispute over the use of historic building facades on the University’s proposed theater design could de- lay the construction process or force changes in the project altogether. The University won approval from the City Planning Commission in July to start the processing of moving the Pittsburgh Playhouse from Oakland to Downtown, a project estimated at $53 million.

  • News

    Documentary series to speak truth to power

    A group of Argentinean workers take over the factory their employers shut down. A fast food restaurant exploits its employees. Communities around the world promote change with art and non-violence. All of these stories will appear in a film series hosted by the Global Cultural Studies program that will show students the different ways communities have fought oppression around the world.

  • Carlene and Autumn

    Students gather for annual vigil

    Students gather last Wednesday night for the annual candlelight vigil in Village Park hosted by Campus Life and the Honors Program to commemorate the victims of the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

  • News

    Project focuses on student retention

    University hires retention coordinator, tracks classroom attendance

    Justine Keefer came to Point Park last year but had too many issues with the school and transferred after her freshman year. The University wants to prevent cases like this by starting a new initiative, the “Persistence Project,” to reach out to students and make sure those who come to Point Park stay at Point Park.

  • News

    Kunkle: USG budget ‘doesn’t fit’ ‘robust’ student club requests

    Clubs may face budget cuts this semester as the high amount of student organization requests exceed the United Student Government’s (USG) budget. “The cool thing now is we have more robust clubs,” said USG President Dillon Kunkle. “Clubs are asking for more and wanting to do bigger and better things.

  • News

    Initiative plans to increase core class options

    Students can expect to see more options in the core curriculum next year with the new Project 2020 initiative. Associate Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs Diane Maldonado said a group of faculty is now reviewing the core in order to prepare for 2014.

  • News

    Event to teach graduate students ethical leadership

      When Helen Sobehart began her career as a teacher in special education, she noticed that children with disabilities were not given the same attention as other students. “That became an ethical issue for me, and it's really what drove my decision to go from classroom teaching to special [education] director,” said Sobehart in an interview Wednesday.

  • News

    Oakland goes digital with hi-tech park, Wi-Fi lamp posts

    Pulling up a website on a laptop from Wi-Fi generated by a nearby lamp post. Finding parking two blocks away through a real-time online network. Enjoying a public digital display featuring rotating galleries of local art during a daily commute. These concepts may sound like far-fetched dream technologies of tomorrow — but for Oakland, these ideas will soon become a reality.

  • WPPJ

    Radio partnership to ‘increase opportunities for students’

    This week WPPJ will not only be broadcasting more than just local news thanks to a partnership with Pacifica Radio Network, but its content will also reach a larger audience. “The main benefit for us is that we can upload our programs to network and other affiliates of Pacifica can pick up WPPJ’s programming,” said WPPJ General Manager Wayne Weil in his office Tuesday afternoon.

  • News

    Feedback incites Café reopening

    Jaimie Cherok unveiled her plan to the United Student Government (USG) for a grand re-opening of the Point Café before or on Oct. 1 after recent discussions and feedback from the student body government and student population. “Once we get all the signage issues worked out and printed then we’re going to do a grand re-opening of the Café to add a little more excitement.

  • News

    Students give Point Café mixed reviews

    When senior cinema and digital arts major Trisha Smith walked into the Point Café for the first time this semester, she instantly wanted to cancel her meal plan because of the lack of options. But sophomore cinema major Colt Guthrie said he was happy with the added meal exchange hours because now he can get lunch between classes without having to rush to the dining hall.

  • News

    SAIL shifts focus to student organizations

    Event programming is becoming more student-driven thanks to a re-branding of the Office of Student Activities, now known as the Office of Student Activities, Involvement and Leadership, or SAIL.  “We’re trying to be more of a resource for student organizations and students that are looking to get involvement experience and leadership experience on campus,” said Caleb Rodgers, who recently became the assistant coordinator of student involvement.

  • Nurse

    Healthy living, flu shots on Nurse’s agenda

    For Heather Capo, there are many careers where she could have made an impact on people’s lives, but she chose to be a nurse to see the difference first-hand. The University of Pittsburgh graduate and Greensburg native started working as the University’s nurse in December.

  • Professor

    Photography professor inspires student work beyond classroom

    April Friges has almost always had multiple jobs at one time. Friges was featured in a number of group and solo photo exhibitions while working most recently as a teacher at the Fashion Institute of Design and Technology. Now at Point Park as the new assistant professor of photography and photojournalism, she felt it was time to put all of her energy into one place.

  • UPMC

    Labor Day Parade

    Make It Our UPMC, a community organization demanding UPMC workers’ rights, marches in protest during the Labor Day Parade on Monday.

  • Water project

    Professor aids in clean water project, shoots documentary

    Over the summer, Christopher Rolinson took his photography skills beyond the classroom and into the small village of Atamora in Nigeria. The photojournalism professor spent a week capturing the experiences of the non-profit Potters Water Action Group, who work to provide drinkable water through ceramic filters to those in need.

  • Highmark

    Stadium is 'no brainer' for soccer teams

    The Point Park men’s and women’s soccer teams will call a new stadium home this year, as they move from Founders Field to the new Highmark Stadium located in Station Square. “It’s a no brainer,” said Point Park Director of Athletics Dan Swalga during an afternoon phone interview on Aug.

  • News

    University to remember 9/11 with vigil, Shanksville trip

    Twelve years after 9/11, university organizations plan to collectively reflect and educate younger students on the tragic events. The University is hostingits annual 9/11 Candlelight Vigil on Wednesday, Sept.11 in the Village Park. The free event is co-sponsored by Campus Life and the Honors Program.

  • news

    PPU Police help in arrest of robber

    Point Park Police worked with Pittsburgh Police to apprehend someone who robbed a man at gunpoint just before midnight on Aug. 21 at the corner of Smithfield Street and the Boulevard of the Allies. Pittsburgh Police arrested the culprit – aided by a description of the robber provided by the Point Park Police Department – in Mellon Square Park near Smithfield Street and Sixth Avenue minutes after the incident.

  • move-in

    Electronic locks now campus wide, PPU police accredited

    The Point Park police have added new features to the security of the University and became accredited by the state since students left campus last spring. The University's police department now has the ability to lock the front doors of every building that the University owns or leases and is one of just five university police departments in the state to receive accreditation from the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association.

  • News

    West Penn elevators get faster, more coming this fall

    The repeated headache of getting to class on time in the West Penn Hall shared by many students may soon be alleviated by completed and upcoming renovations. Previously, students and faculty rushed to West Penn early in order to get to class on time due to faulty elevators during peak-hour congestion, and lines of students sometimes spilling outside onto the sidewalk.

  • News

    GPS system to cut bus wait time

    Port Authority’s newest development will no longer leave riders out in the cold while waiting for a bus.     With the start of a real-time vehicle tracking pilot system, riders on the P1 bus route are now able to see when and where buses are on route by the next calendar year.

  • News

    Cafe combos to replace pizzas, quesadillas now specialty items

    Changes to the menu and the set-up of the Point Café have garnered the attention of the United Student Government (USG) and it will become part of their agenda as the fall semester begins. The Café’s menu has fewer items than last year and the made-to-order pizzas as well as the coffee station are no longer available; quesadillas will now only be served as a special on certain days.

  • Forbes

    Playhouse project moves forward

    City approves the demolition of three bulidings on Forbes

    In a 5-0 vote met with little public opposition, the City Planning Commission approved the University’s application for demolition of three historic buildings on Forbes Ave. for the construction of the new Pittsburgh Playhouse complex over the summer.

  • Bruno

    Volleyball coach to run marathon blindfolded for cause

    When the Pittsburgh Marathon kicks off on May 5, Point Park volleyball coach Mike Bruno will stand out from the crowd as he runs the race blindfolded to raise money for vision research.

  • News

    Kunkle to continue working on 'hot topics' next year

    With the spring semester coming to a close, student concerns are piling up on the United Student Government (USG), and USG President Dillon Kunkle is putting much of his focus towards finding solutions to the concerns as he prepares to finish out the school year.

  • thumbnail

    Club hosts event on women empowerment

    “Bombshells in Business,” an event hosted by Strong Women Strong Girls (SWSG), will help women who attend to “position their goals,” according to Shaquela Myrick.

  • News

    Outstanding Student Awards ceremony 'at capacity'

    The Outstanding Student Awards “doubled in size” from previous years, according to Dean of Students and Student Affairs Keith Paylo.

  • News

    Commuter club asks for U-Pass vote

    The Commuter Club is attempting for the last time this year to get three-quarters of the student population to vote in favor of U-Pass, a bus pass program that will be paid for through tuition.

  • News

    Campus Life hosts first senior week

    This week the Office of Campus Life organized Point Park’s inaugural “Senior Week” for the seniors who will be graduating in May.

  • thumbnail

    Student leaders encouraged to communicate with new food service director

    Point Park welcomed a new food service director last week, and changes may be in the works for some of the University’s food services.

  • Party

    Party raises more than $3,000 for student travel

    If it was not for the John E. Fallon Jr. Travel Fund, alumna Jessica LaDow may not have been able to travel to Washington D.C. with the then Journalism and Mass Communication department in 2008 and 2009.

  • News

    Commencement events underway

    Hollywood writer, producer to speak at graduation

    Both undergraduate and graduate students can look forward to a memorable celebration of their achievements now that the lengthy process of preparing commencement events is complete.

  • News

    Temperatures rise, Downtown spring activities blossom

    On Monday, the temperature in Pittsburgh reached 77 degrees, and according to it is expected to near 80 degrees by today.

  • News

    Police investigate one of two campus fire alarms

    After responding to two fire alarms this past week, Public Safety is investigating who activated one of the alarms.

  • News

    Six students to create marketing campaigns in Macedonia

    Six advertising and public relations students will be spending their summer in Ohrid, Macedonia where they will create marketing campaigns to increase tourism to the area.

  • Shooting

    Point Park Public Safety responds to Downtown shooting

    University Police Officer Anthony Ricchiuto responded to a shooting Downtown on Friday after hearing a call for help over the police scanner.

  • News

    Career Development services offer seniors 'next step' advice

    Nikki Williams feels every Point Park student should go to Career Development.

  • thumbnail

    USG hears proposal for LGBT community support

    The United Student Government (USG) listened to a proposal to form a network dedicated to giving support to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students and staff members.

  • rugby2_DiYanni_online.jpg

    Point Park Rugby played in match against Carnegie Mellon University

    The game ended with Point Park scoring 14, and CMU scoring 21 in their match on Saturday.

  • thumbnail

    Online classes offer alternative education options for students

    If it was not for the University offering online courses, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) chief Todd Plunkett wouldn’t have been able to return to school.

  • thumbnail

    USG leaders discuss flow of information between clubs

    The United Student Government (USG) is looking for ways to improve how information is shared between itself and University organizations.  

  • Oakland Fire

    Point Park student escapes from Zulema Street Oakland fire

    When Carter Ellis woke up to an explosion and saw smoke seeping through the front door, he put on clothes and ran out of his friend’s apartment building without shoes.

  • thumbnail

    Food warmer Sterno candle causes Student Center fire

    A fire started but was quickly contained Monday morning on the fifth floor of the Student Center, according to Campus Police.

  • News

    AdFed/PRSSA to compete in NYC

    Seven students will be heading to New York City for the work they did on an advertising campaign for Wal-Mart.

  • West Penn

    Students voice safety, convenience concerns of West Penn

    Most students at the University are familiar with West Penn because it is a popular building for classes. For many students dealing with slow elevators, a small lobby and classrooms starting on the sixth floor is not a pleasant experience.

  • thumbnail

    USG presses professors for more Blackboard participation

    The United Student Government (USG) is looking to elicit changes in the way faculty members notify students about their grades.

  • News

    Scholarships updated for new transfers

    The coming fall 2013 semester will bring some updated scholarships for transfer students. The Transfer Scholarship is being increased from $3,000 to $5,000 and the Transfer Trustee Scholarships will be increasing from $5,000 to $6,000.

  • Point Park Tuition Increase

    University tuition increases

    Students will have to pay more in order to take classes next semester after the University decided to raise the price of tuition for the fall 2013 - spring 2014 school year.

  • News

    Honors Student Organization hosts first symposium

    The Honors Student Organization (HSO) will be putting on its first ever symposium in April, focusing on the violations of human rights occurring all around the world and how storytelling can help create awareness of such atrocities.

  • thumbail

    USG: Students for Justice in Palestine becomes sanctioned club

    The university’s United Student Government (USG) unanimously elected to recognize its only human advocacy club, the Point Park Students for Justice in Palestine Club, after reading its proposed constitution and hearing from the club’s president on Monday.

  • thumbnail

    Program cuts not to affect military students covered by G.I. Bill

    Due to disagreements in Congress over the nation’s fiscal situation, $1 trillion in automatic budget cuts, known as sequestration, began across the board for all federally funded programs at the beginning of this month.

  • security

    Security in apartments tightened

    Last week, the university confirmed truth in reports of people sliding cards between doors and door frames in the Boulevard Apartments, thereby unlocking the doors.

  • thumbnail

    Student leaders lobby for commuter assistance

    Getting issues is not easy, especially on issues like transportation. However, student leaders Dillon Kunkle and Samantha Einloth do not plan on giving up.

  • thumbnail

    CAB announces changes

    The student activity office as a whole is being reconstructed, according to new Campus Activities Board (CAB) advisor, Brad Kolvalcik. Most of the programs put on by Student Activities will now be done through CAB.

  • Thesis Project

    Photo class chooses Lawrenceville spot

    The Senior Thesis photography class has one less thing to worry about after deciding on the Rocking Horse Artspace for the show’s location in April.

  • Thumbnail

    Wellness Fair appeals to students with many organizations

    Nurse Heather Capo explained the purpose of the upcoming Wellness fair as a way of informing students, staff and faculty on services they can use.

  • Thumbnail

    'Legend' animator to speak, present work in GRW

    Bill Plympton was a 4-year-old boy in Portland, OR, idolizing some of the first-ever cartoons created by Walt Disney and Tex Avery. Now, with his own independent studio in New York City and two Academy Award nominations, Plympton is every bit as idolized as the creators he looked up to as a kid. 

  • Pioneers

    Center for Sports Media and Marketing brings ESPN reps to campus

    Representatives from ESPN do not make appearances at every college.

    But because of the Pittsburgh Center for Sports Media and Marketing and the networking done by students and alumni, two women holding important positions for ESPN are coming to Point Park next week.

  • Thumbnail

    Pioneer Community Day events finalized

    Point Park’s United Student Government (USG) announced a long-anticipated schedule of events for its third annual Pioneer Community Days through a press release on Monday. The event will take place on April 13, 2013.

  • Thumbnail

    Cheerleading proposal to be reviewed by athletics

    Point Park’s United Student Government (USG) is no longer able to fully support its university’s cheerleading club, according to a written proclamation issued by USG executive cabinet leaders during a meeting on Monday.

  • Marijuana odors in dorms under scrutiny, University investigates

    Although recent crime logs have suggested that the university has a strong marijuana presence, Captain Bernie Merrick said that is not the case.

  • National Survey important part of school growth

    The survey all freshman and senior students received in their email may be used to change the University to better meet students’ needs, but many are still choosing to ignore it.

  • Soundbooth

    Spacious, advanced sound suite coming to Patterson

    When Philip Williamson must wait for his movie to be edited in the booked Thomas Newman sound-mixing suite, it is like his movie has an incurable disease.

    The junior cinema and digital arts major is not the only one with an unfinished movie in need of treatment.

  • Two new clubs aim for official status

    Though there have been no new clubs approved by the United Student Government (USG) so far this semester, two clubs expressed interest in gaining recognized status.

  • Mail Center adapts to USPS delivery change

    Despite changes to the United States Postal Service (USPS), Point Park University’s Mail Center will continue to provide the same level of service to students.

  • WPPJ

    WPPJ prepares to attend IBS awards in New York

    WPPJ, the Point Park student radio station, was just nominated for five awards after students submitted their broadcast pieces to the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS), a national college radio station organization consisting of more than 800 school radio stations across the country.

  • USG: Community Day race conflicts with Pirates 5K race

    Plans for the Pioneer Community Day 5K race hit a snag when United Student Government (USG) learned that the Pittsburgh Pirates are holding their annual 5K on the same day.

  • Rugby

    Bounded by 'brotherhood,' Point Park rugby team strives to be recognized

    Anyone who tunes in to post-game interviews with coaches, owners or general managers from respective sports teams is bound to hear the word “brotherhood” used to describe the relationship of members.

  • Senior photo thesis gallery location to be decided

    After waking up from a dream, Athena Harden decided to display sound visually for her senior photography thesis.

  • Point Park chief of police advocates Point Alert

    Jeffrey Besong urged students at the United Student Government (USG) meeting Monday to sign up for the university’s emergency alert system.

  • Greens2Go to offer variety in made-to-order salad selection at Point Cafe

    Starting mid-February Point Park students will be introduced to the Greens2Go concept as an addition to the Point Cafe, according to Jerry Mullen, the university’s current interim food service distributor.

  • Clubs gain new members at Involvement Fair

    Clubs gain new members at Involvement Fair

    The Rugby Team, Knitting, Crochet and Craft Club and the Students for Justice in Palestine were all clubs looking for new members at last Wednesday's Involvement Fair.

  • Registrar to launch graduation website

    Starting in February, the Office of the Registrar will launch a new website to simplify the process of graduation and commencement for itself and students.

  • Legislative Body cuts club money

    The Untied Student Government (USG) presented school clubs with more than $17,000 in funding cuts in a meeting Monday afternoon.

  • Point Park program receives national recognition

    Point Park University’s public administration program is part of an elite group, according to Michael McCabe, education program specialist at the U.S. Fire Administration.

  • Spring Break 2012

    Spring break community service trip option attracts more students

    Blueprints of the 2013 Point Park-affiliated “Alternative Spring Break Trips” are close to being completed, according to trip advisors.

  • Southside 2

    Recent violence spark increased security in South Side

    Every weekend East Carson Street can be found with bars and restaurants filled with lively customers. Recently, however, the large crowds have become rather unsafe.

  • N.Y.C. showcase adds students, L.A. location discontinued

    Performing arts students at Point Park University display their talents in front of a public audience through venues like the Pittsburgh Playhouse, but one audience is sought after unlike any other - the professional audience in the big city.

  • USG retains $9,000 budget allotment for bus pass program

    When determining its budget for the Spring 2013 semester the United Student Government (USG) agreed to keep the budget for bus passes at $9,000, which is the same as last semester.

  • Student survey gives reason to push for Blackboard use

    United Student Government President Dillon Kunkle decided to continue the organization’s Blackboard initiative following a presentation of the findings in the Student Satisfactory Inventory (SSI) last semester.

  • Handbook helps athletes balance academics, sports

    Over the last three years, Dan Swalga has dealt with an “average of two concerns a year” with regard to student athletes and professors not excusing them from class for games.

  • Inauguration

    Students attend 'iconic' inauguration


    Following the tradition dating back more than two centuries, President Barack Obama was sworn into his second term in office Monday morning. Fifty Point Park students were among the hundreds of thousands gathered in front of the United States Capitol building to witness the inauguration.

  • Clubs must adhere to new funding standard

    Clubs wishing to request funds from United Student Government (USG) this semester will have a new rule to remember. 

  • Red Bull contest gives DJs 'creative' opportunity


    Five local disc jockeys competed in the Red Bull Thre3Style Preliminary Qualifier at Altar Bar on Saturday. The first place winner earned the victor $5,000 and a trip to the East Coast Regional Qualifier.

  • New Station Square stadium location possible for university sports team


    After a history of kicking soccer balls at a high school stadium, Point Park University’s men and women soccer teams may have the chance to play at a professional soccer stadium in walking distance of Downtown.

  • School nurse, pharmacist support flu shots during severe flu season


    The 2012-2013 flu season has already witnessed 29 deaths and severity is intensifying, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

  • USG discusses plans for cutting bus pass program, keeping members accountable

    At the first spring semester meeting held by the United Student Government [USG] met the legislative body members faced many changes.

  • Toy Drive

    Faculty members 'Play It Forward,' organize toy drive

    Two Point Park faculty members gave Santa Clause some serious competition this holiday season when they collected over 20,000 toys for children in need.

  • Campus Security

    Public Safety Department upgrades security, offers safety advice

    Point Park University’s campus is safer than going to the mall, according to Point Park Police Captain Bernie Merrick.

  • New Playhouse plans unveiled

    Point Park University Architect Planner Elmer Burger points excitedly to a sequential array of floor plans for the new Pittsburgh Playhouse in a conference room at the Bank Tower.

  • ModCloth Fashion Club piques students' interest

    A powder blue banner detailed with curvy script sits at the top of the web page, just above rows of creatively-named clothing. Dresses that look like they came out of a 1950s fashion magazine and book-themed sweaters fill’s artistic online store.

  • Strong  Women Strong Girls

    Club empowers young girls

    Every time a Strong Women Strong Girls (SWSG) group from Point Park speaks to an after-school program full of elementary school girls, they introduce them to a positive female role model in society.

  • Students to vote for U-Pass program in spring

    The transportation committee will soon give university students the chance decide if they would like to be able to ride Port Authority buses without buying passes or paying the fare when they board the bus.

  • USG President resigns, VP takes over

    Kunkle to step up

    Standing in front of his peers, advisers and the legislative body, United Student Government President, Ian Sulkowski read aloud from his letter of resignation.

  • Point Park helps rebrand Downtown

    Colorful banners are spread across the multiple buildings on Forbes Avenue that will soon be home to the performing arts center at Point Park Univeristy. They are a part of a bigger picture that represents the future of Downtown.

  • USG discusses judicial board for claims made against clubs

    This weeks meeting of the United Student Government hit on the possibility of a USG judicial board or emergency committee to handle problems that arise with clubs.

  • Point Park first school in Pa. to offer fire, EMS concentrations

    During this fall semester, the School of Business began offering the fire service and emergency medical administration concentrations for public administration majors, making Point Park University the only school in Pennsylvania to offer such degrees.

  • RARE Nation

    Rap collective 'embraces individuality'

    Artists intend to create album, coffee table book

    For hip-hop artists Palermo Stone and Ads Antalik, who rap, create art and hang out in their “headquarters” atop Mt. Washington, the only way to live is rare. It is a shared passion for integrity and creativity in music that brought the pair together to collaborate.

  • Double major policy under review

    With Point Park University’s growth and expansion in recent years, there has been a rise in the number of students declaring double majors ranging from those within the same department to those of entirely separate schools. With this rise, there is a need for revisions in credit requirements and adviser involvement among several other suggestions to make the double majoring policy more definitive.

  • Accessible pedestrian signals part of city's traffic light improvement project

    The new accessible pedestrian signals at intersections around campus are part of the city’s traffic light improvement project that began earlier this year.

  • Hurricane Sandy

    Professor aids in hurricane relief

     In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Disaster Medical Assistance Teams (DMAT) poured into the Northeast, setting up shelters and hospitals to those in need.

  • The Body signs contract, remains a club

    After a month of investigation and deliberation, the United Student Government (USG) and The Body Christian Fellowship have reached an agreement on how the club will be handled moving forward.

  • Point Park students placed as finalists in competition

    A group of students from the School of Business placed as finalists in the first Pittsburgh Institute of Internal Auditors/Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants Case Study Competition on Nov. 7.

  • Got Consent? promotes sexual education

    According to Pittsburgh’s Action Against Rape (PAAR), one in four women will face sexual assault at some point in their lives. A group of students at Point Park work with PAAR in hopes of educating the student body and preventing sexual assault.

  • Obama wins second term

    President Barack Obama is re-elected for a second term.

  • Body faces disbandment, deadline extended

    This week the United Student Government decided to extend the deadline for The Body Christian Fellowship to review and sign a contract presented to them last week. If a club representative does not sign the ledger by the new date on Monday Nov. 12 at 4 p.m., the club will face immediate disbandment.

  • Web series creators hopeful, exceed fundraising goals

    When a Florida man stripped naked and tore into the flesh of another man last summer — eating the victim's eyes, nose and ears — the media speculated he was under the influence of the synthetic drug “bath salts.” While this gruesome act shocked and repulsed many across the nation, it became a source of inspiration for sophomore cinema major EJ Brown.

  • 'Nurse Jeanne' replaced, university assesses, adjusts contracted services

    Recently, a temporary nurse replaced Nurse Jeanne Beveridge who cared for Point Park University students for the past decade.

  • Hibshman plans continue despite absence, Mullen oversees Food Director position

    Last Wednesday, ARAMARK Higher Education, Point Park University’s food service distributor, announced that Jason Hibshman will no longer be working as the university’s food service director.

  • Obama Rally

    Clinton explains 'simple' election choice

    Thousands of people gathered in Market Square, wrapping around buildings and surrounding sidewalks, during a chilly Monday morning to hear Bill Clinton speak.

  • Port Authority to ditch paper passes

    On Nov. 16, Port Authority of Pittsburgh will move forward with its ConnectCard Program by switching from paper bus passes to plastic reloadable cards.

  • Election could lack student voice

    A poll of 2,000 young voters found the amount of voters ages 18 to 29 who said they will vote in the upcoming election decreased from 63 percent in 2008 to 49 percent, according to the Harvard University Institute of Politics.

  • USG finds religious club discriminatory

    After two hours of debating and amending multiple proposals, USG voted to accept the alleged victim’s story as fact and agreed that The Body was in violation of the discrimination policies of USG and the university.

  • Pittsburgh Dad speaks at Podcamp Pittsburgh 7

    One year ago while sitting at lunch, Chris Preksta and Curt Wootton had nothing important to do in the afternoon. Preksta decided they would film Wootton acting like his dad to entertain their parents.

  • Athletic Hall of Fame inducts four alumni

    On Sept. 29, the Point Park Athletic Hall of Fame committee inducted four more alumni.

  • University to add new study abroad options

    Point Park will be adding a new study abroad location at the Lorenzo De’ Medici University in Florence, as well as up to 13 institutes in various cities throughout Ireland. The latter resulted from an agreement between the Institutes of Technology Ireland and the Pittsburgh Council on High Education (PCHE), a consortium of Pittsburgh universities that includes Point Park.

  • one young world

    One Young World tackles social issues

    Pittsburgh welcomed the One Young World summit over the weekend bringing 1300 young leaders from 182 countries together to tackle social issues.

  • Shale Story

    Documentary examines possible gas drilling effects

    Like whitetail deer and red oak trees, Marcellus Shale pipelines and gas wells have become another part of the landscape in rural Pennsylvania. Yet most people never see it for themselves, nor can they fully grasp how the multi-billion-dollar gas industry affects communities and individuals, according to Laura Domencic, curator of the Marcellus Shale Documentary Project.

  • USG looks into alleged discrimination claims

    USG addressed an issue of alleged discrimination within the university religious club, The Body Christian Fellowship.

  • Sports Broadcasting

    Local sports announcers share their wisdom with students

    A crowd of more than 100 students and faculty members packed the Student and Convocation Center Thursday afternoon for “The Voices of Pittsburgh Sports,” presented by the Pittsburgh Center for Sports Media and Marketing.

  • International Media

    International media class plans for Germany excursion

    When Laura Quinn traveled to Italy over the summer with her International Media class, she felt as though she had just stepped into a dream.

  • Poltiical Ads

    On-campus political club posts controversial fliers

    The recent advertisements placed around the university by an on campus political club met criticism from other students.

  • Speaker examines university success, challenges

    This week the United Student Government (USG) legislative body listened to guest speaker Chris Choncek, examined successes and challenges within the university, and voted to dissolve inactive clubs.

  • International enrollment reaches record high

    This fall, 49 new students enrolled as international students at the university.

  • University builds relationship with Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership

    Some may recall being stopped recently to fill out a survey about the Downtown area. These surveys provide invaluable information to the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership (PDP) to revitalize the city in ways that appeal to the local population.

  • Police address students on security

    Chief of Point Park Police Jeffrey Besong addressed the United Student Government (USG) Body Monday to update students on heightened security measures on campus and to ask for suggestions.

  • USG talks club budgets, Project 2020

    In a two-hour long meeting on Monday, the United Student Government (USG) legislative body voted on club budgets, discussed safety with the university police chief and drafted more ideas for a Project 2020.

  • Food service

    Food service offers healthy options, 'bad options'

    Point Park University’s food service department provides many resources to students to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle, the most obvious being the availability of wholesome meals on campus.

  • Crime Report for Sept. 30 to Oct. 6

    Police report for Sept 30 to Oct 6.

  • Judge issues voter ID law injunction

    After a back-and-forth battle between the department of state and opponents, a commonwealth court judge granted the injunction in part of those who oppose the Pennsylvania voter ID law Tuesday.

  • University plans campus renovations

    With the Academic Village Initiative looking to start its second phase and Kaplan leaving the West Penn building, the university is in the planning stages of renovating different parts of its campus.

  • USG discusses Project 2020 proposal

    After a moment of relaxed and informal conversation about planning this year’s fall forum the legislative body had a long discussion about the core curriculum proposal for Project 2020 and student safety.

  • Great Race

    Race breaks record, students lend 15,000 runners support

    As runners approached the last half-mile of their journey, Point Park University honors students welcomed them with supportive cheers and fresh water at the Richard S. Caliguiri City of Pittsburgh Great Race on Sunday, Sept. 30.

  • SHARP classes provide self-defense tips

    Women on campus will have a chance to learn more about how to protect themselves this November.

  • Pa. Supreme Court returns voter ID law to lower court for further assessment

    After an oral argument before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on the state’s implementation of the voter ID law, the high court returned the issue to the Commonwealth Court for reassessment of the availability of alternate IDs, according to the Sept. 18 court order.

  • University offers new refund system

    The Office of Student Activities worked with PNC Bank to create  the eRefund system, which enables the university to directly deposit refunds into a student’s checking or savings account.

  • USG approves budget, considers tier system

    After the financial committee announced a $50,000 budget for the semester, the legislative body spent much of Monday’s meeting discussing a possible tier ranking system for club budgets.

  • Innocence Institute

    Man freed after 18 years in prison

    Student investigative journalism aids in exoneration

    For the second time in the past year, Point Park University students Paige Krivda and Darlene Natale saw another wrongfully convicted man walk free. The two remaining employees of the now-defunct Innocence Institute joined dozens of journalists outside the Allegheny County Jail on Sept. 13 to watch Terrell Johnson’s release from prison after 17 years.

  • hostage

    Hostage situation resolved at Gateway Center

    Pittsburgh police have confirmed that Klein Michael Thaxton has surrendered after negotiations.

  • USG considers free bus pass proposal

    The United Student Government (USG) voted unanimously to consider a proposal by the Commuter Club to combine forces with USG and lobby for the U-Pass system, which gives students free bus fare passes.

  • Alum in midst of Yemen protests

    Last week, protestors stormed the United States Embassy in Yemen, prompting the Department of Defense to send in security to protect the embassy and its leader, Point Park University alum, Ambassador Gerald M. Feierstein.

  • Alumni Relations

    Alumni office connects current, former students

    Surrounded by decades of Point Park University yearbooks, jerseys and photos, Lisa Patterson works at the job she loves, connecting with over 24,000 alumni just like herself.

  • Byson Bucks offer new alternative to flex dollars

    Since the beginning of the semester, confusion has circulated on campus as to what exactly a “Byson Buck” is and how it is different from the traditional flex dollar.

  • Student Activities organizes voter registration drive

    Point Park University celebrated Constitution Day on Monday with a voter registration drive put on by Student Activities and Students for Barack Obama. The event took place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. outside of Point Cafe on the second floor of Lawrence Hall.

  • Pittsburgh Center for Sports Media and Marketing

    New center focuses on 'Sports Media Marketing'

    The Pittsburgh Center for Sports Media and Marketing is re-opening its doors for a second year on campus. The center, located in room 704 of the Student and Convocation Center, will be hosting an open house with tacos, T-shirts and a Pirates ticket raffle on Thursday, Sept. 20 from 4 to 6 p.m.

  • 'Real World' replaces 'metamorphosis'

    Point Park University is revamping its marketing campaign to reflect the opportunities available around its Downtown campus.

  • State attorneys uphold voter ID court decision

    The lower court was correct in its decision to uphold the voter ID law against those challenging it, according to a legal brief filed by the commonwealth’s attorney general’s office last Friday.

  • USG encourages political action

    United Student Government is exploring ways to promote student political engagement in preparation for the upcoming presidential election.

  • Middle States highlights areas for improvement

    University officials continue to make adjustments after the most recent Middle States Commission on Higher Education Accreditation Statement was published.

  • Smoking

    New smoking policy in effect

    The campus police squad will be initiating a new policy on smoking starting today, Sept. 12, in order to adhere to complaints they have received in the past.

  • Project 2020 revamps curriculum, plans ahead

    In order to adhere to the rules set by Middle States Commission on Higher Education, Point Park University is now accepting proposals for a new core curriculum from any student, staff or faculty member within the university.

  • timeline

    Voter ID law meets criticism

    Point Park students sound off about the voter ID law and how it will affect them.

  • Labor Day

    Marchers parade for job growth

    With the sounds of bagpipes, cheers of support and bands heard throughout campus, Point Park University students were greeted Monday morning with the Labor Day parade crossing over the Boulevard of the Allies.

  • Monte Carlo Night

    Family tradition continues at Monte Carlo Night

    On Friday, Aug. 31 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., Point Park students tried their hands at casino games, belted karaoke songs and snacked on Pittsburgh Popcorn at Monte Carlo Night in the Lawrence Hall Ballroom and Dining Room. For Evans, assistant dean of Campus Life, the event was also a family affair.

  • Center for Student Success provides support

    Students can find the resources they need at Point Park University’s Center for Student Success located at 101 Wood St.. The center is just beginning its first full semester since it opened in March.

  • Judicial affairs nixes student board

    Students who need to go through the Office of Judicial Affairs will no longer go before a student board to determine the sanctions against them.

  • Baseball

    Pioneer baseball finishes 5th in the NAIA

    The Point Park baseball team was able to not only consistently win, but also capture the attention of several large media outlets in the area.

  • Preservation Project revamps historical buildings

    Point Park University looks to play a role in Downtown revitalization

    A $4 million state grant is funding the restoration of the facades of nine historical buildings located near the corner of Fifth Avenue and Wood Street.

  • University welcomes captain, adds studio

    While it was a fairly quiet summer at Point Park University, a few departments were busy making some changes for the new semester.

  • USG continues bus pass program, considers alternative options

    In lieu of Port Authority’s decision to hold its bus route cuts, Point Park University’s United Student Government will continue to offer students limited discount passes this semester, while seriously considering alternative money-saving options.

  • USG requests union litigations end

    For going on 10 years, Point Park University has been home to an internal conflict involving court rulings and appeals eligible to go to the Supreme Court.

    The dispute is not one that most students are aware of, however putting an end to it once and for all is at the top of United Student Government’s priority list.

  • Weekly Police Report

    April 15-21

    Weekly Police Report Lockouts: 33 Total Calls: 175 Sunday, April 15 8:30 pm: Campus police responded to a report of disorderly conduct on Third Avenue at Wood Street. Monday, April 16 11:32 am: Campus police responded to a fire alarm at the Pittsburgh Playhouse.

  • Fall USG plans include service

    Even though the school year is coming to a close, Point Park University’s United Student Government will be planning projects for next year over the summer.

  • paving425

    Students affected by Boulevard paving

    Remnants of last week’s paving project of the Boulevard of the Allies can still be found on elevator floors across campus. With fresh tar sticking to the soles of many students’ shoes, the newly smoothed road’s gleaming onyx surface bares no trace of the tumultuous manner in which it came to be.

  • Service cut vote on Friday

    Port Authority to vote on proposed eliminations, retains airport flyer

    The Port Authority Board will vote this Friday to approve service cuts set to take place in September, but the 28X airport flyer is no longer on the list of bus routes scheduled for elimination.

  • Showcase takes 10 students, films to L.A.

    Cinema Showcase offers second trip to Los Angeles

    At the end of May, 10 cinema and digital arts students will travel to Los Angeles, where they will explore Hollywood and have one of their films screened at the Director’s Guild of America.

  • Concerns collide over lobby use

    The lobby of the Boulevard Apartments was the center of a heated discussion at Monday’s United Student Government meeting.

  • Weekly Crime Report

    April 8-14 Total calls: 165 Lockouts: 18 April 8 2:41 a.m.: Campus police responded to an alcohol violation involving an intoxicated male in Lawrence Hall. April 9 5:50 p.m.: Campus police with assistance from Pittsburgh police responded to a bomb threat in Academic Hall.

  • Commuter community responds

    Survey seeks to solve parking problems, provide alternatives

    With the Pittsburgh Port Authority’s impending service cuts, Point Park University is exploring other options to serve commuters who would be affected by transportation changes.

  • Student, film series tell stories of Africa

    Film series places Africa in ‘Spotlight’

    When Helena Knorr asked her organizational leadership class whether people are born leaders or become leaders, Panther Bior's answer became a catalyst his professor and many of his classmates never would have expected.

    Bior, brought a movie to class as a sort of answer to his professor’s question. It was Bior’s actual life experience.

  • flashmob411

    Students stage flash mob in Market Square

    Flash mob ‘Party Rocks’ Market Square for Pittsburgh Cares

    Visitors to Market Square had an unexpected surprise last Thursday. At 1 p.m., 16 Point Park University students started a seemingly spontaneous dance routine in the middle of the square.    

  • Infestation investigation

    Bedbugs found in Boulevard Apts., extermination implemented

    Campus Life confirmed there are bedbugs in two of the bedrooms in the Boulevard Apartments, according to an email sent to all apartment residents Friday.

  • Weekly Crime Report

    Crime Report Mar 26-April 7

    March 26: 12:12 pm: Police responded to suspicious activity outside of the YMCA building. March 27: 1:01 p.m.: Police responded to a medical call in the Conservatory of Performing Arts offices in Lawrence Hall. 8:28 p.m.: Police responded to a verbal fight on the fifth floor of Pioneer Hall.

  • NBS411

    NBS students travel to New York convention

    Eight students involved in Point Park University’s National Broadcasting Society attended their national convention in New York City.

  • Pioneers set to serve Pittsburgh

    Community Day to serve, entertain

    Members of Point Park University’s United Student Government are preparing for the second annual Pioneer Community Day on Saturday, April 14.

  • O’Reilly Theater hosts ‘80 Days’

    On April 12, the Pittsburgh Public Theater will begin its journey “Around the World in 80 Days” at the O’Reilly Theater. The public theater’s newest show follows the story of Phileas Fogg, who accepts a seemingly impossible bet that he can travel around the world in only 80 days.  He is joined by his French servant, Passepartout and a host of other zany characters.  It centers around the question: will he circumnavigate the globe in time to win his bet?

  • fakeids404

    Local bars watchful for fake IDs

    False IDs easy to identify, confiscated if deemed fake

    Thursdays are a big night for the Pittsburgh Café. Individuals line up at the door to have their IDs approved by Jordan Benjamin, a tall, bulky man one would not want to upset. Benjamin has no problem turning away individuals who seemingly have a fake ID.

  • scholarship404

    Point Park offers two new scholarships

    Vice Presidential, Founders awards available to incoming freshmen

    Recently, Point Park University has re-evaluated not just the tuition rates, but also the scholarships being offered next fall for incoming freshmen and transfer students.

  • lessner

    Photo exhibit shows Phenomenal Women

    When Amanda Bailey steps onto a stage, the nervous, butterfly-like feeling hovering in the pit of her stomach disappears almost immediately. She is in control and confident in both her art form and herself.

    “[When performing,] I get this great sense of confidence and adrenaline pumping through me,” she said.

  • Faculty criticizes midterm grade report proposal

    Point Park University’s United Student Government did not receive the response it had hoped for from the university’s faculty assembly regarding the midterm grade proposal it drafted earlier this year.

  • auntbarbara404

    Aunt Barbara discusses direct selling

    The number one selling Tupperware consultant in North America visited Point Park University Tuesday. Robert Suchan, of Long Island, New York, sells Tupperware products while dressing in drag as a character he calls Aunt Barbara.

  • abortion327

    Abortion debates play out on city sidewalks

    Striding through a flock of protesters toting anti-choice messages is a normal part of Rebecca Cavanaugh’s workday commute.

    With 10 to 100 people gathered outside the Planned Parenthood building on Liberty Avenue on any given day, these protesters echo a growing anti-choice movement in America, according to clinic workers.

  • Weekly Police Report

    Week of 18-24

    Total Calls: 185 Lockouts: 30 March 19: 12:07 am: Campus police conducted an odor investigation on the 18th floor of Lawrence Hall 12:53 am: Pittsburgh police informed Point Park University police that an armed robbery involving a student took place at Point State Park.

  • 1innocence327

    Innocence Institute discontinued

    Journalism class cut from program

    David Munchinski’s blue prison uniform was speckled with rain droplets, and his first sights upon re-entering society were microphones and flashing cameras, but he was happy. With the help of the Innocence Institute of Point Park University, he became a free man.

  • robertsketrich327

    University offers EMS, fire service programs

    The Community College of Allegheny County offers a Fire Science program and the University of Pittsburgh has an emergency medical services (EMS)–focused pre-med program, but according to Robert Skertich, there was nothing at the bachelor's level for fire and EMS administrators in Pittsburgh.

  • Representatives give feedback to Project 2020

    The United Student Government welcomed Karen S. McIntyre, senior vice president for academic and student affairs and dean of faculty, to the meeting this week to talk about Project 2020: Mission Delivery.

    Project 2020 is the university’s effort at remodeling its core curriculum. The project arose from discussions between USG and members of university leadership, faculty and administration.

  • USG candidates share visions

    Student body to participate in elections for 2012-2013 officers on April 3

    With United Student Government’s elections coming up on April 3 and the televised debates this Thursday, students may be wondering who are the candidates for whom they are voting.

  • Attention to work orders based on several factors

    Having a maintenance problem in a living space can be a hassle and getting it fixed should always be a quick, easy process. 

    A leaky faucet, a shower leak or even a lighting problem can be solved by a quick work order, but what happens when the work order goes unanswered for days?

  • Bridge, Desmond receive Myron Cope Scholarships

    Matt Desmond, a current junior broadcasting major, was a finalist for the Myron Cope Scholarship last year, but lost out to Josh Frketic, who was a senior broadcast major last year. This year, the undeterred Desmond applied to the scholarship and was successful.

  • Center to foster student success

    When students were polled last semester about the advising process at Point Park University, Dean of Student Affairs Keith Paylo said the most common complaint was getting the “run-around” from faculty.

     The Center for Student Success, which opened its doors on Monday, March 12, offers another outlet for students to direct questions concerning registration, course requirements and careers.

  • oxford320

    Climbers to ascend flights, fight disease

    Stacey Enck believes climbing stairs, more so than walking or running, in the Fight for Air 2012 Stair Climb is representative of the journey in the final stages of lung disease.

  • Elections, poll give students direct input on proposals

    Students can start checking their email for their copy of the United Student Government’s annual election ballot on April 3.

    They will be able to vote for the president and vice president as well as freshman, sophomore, junior and senior representatives for each school through the email’s link to OrgSync.

  • Emergency plan prepares to protect

    Recent shootings prompt university safety procedure awareness

    With the shootings at Chardon High School in Ohio on Feb. 27 and at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic in Oakland on March 8, many organizations are questioning their preparedness if such an emergency arose at one of their facilities.

    The same goes for Point Park University. Are the students, faculty and staff ready in the case of an active shooter on campus? Would everybody know what to do and where to go?

  • Dance student uses grant to benefit Make-A-Wish

    Point Park University senior dance major Alyson Laury is using her choreographic talents to benefit charity.  She will present her own dance production in May, and donate the proceeds to the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

  • Weekly Crime Report

    Crime Report: Feb 25 – March 10   Total Calls: 275 Lockouts: 35   Feb. 25 4:21 a.m.: Campus police responded to a report of an alleged indecent assault on campus. Charges are pending and police say this is an isolated incident.   Feb. 26 2:41 a.m.: Campus police responded to a report of an injured student on the ninth floor of Lawrence Hall.

  • Website sways class choices provides student feedback

    As scheduling week nears, students face the nerve-racking task of choosing the professors that will guide them through the next 15-week semester.

    The choice could lead to a successful semester or a miserable one.

    Some students decide not to leave their decision to chance and instead use the website to get a firsthand review of their future professors from past pupils.

  • buscuts312

    Forum held to protest impending bus cuts

    Cheers and applause filled the heated meeting room of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center as one 17-year-old girl called Gov. Tom Corbett a coward for not attending the Port Authority Public Forum.

  • Alternative approach to tuition raise suggested

    The majority of Point Park University students do not have an extra $3,720 lying around for unexpected expenses.

    At an average of $1,240 per year, this is what unanticipated tuition increases can amount to for students from the Schools of Arts and Science, Business and Communication. For Conservatory of Performing Arts students, the increases are even greater averaging $2,320 per year.

  • Panel to address women’s issues, international affairs

    Human trafficking is often thought of as only sex slaves of foreign women. However, human trafficking is not limited to foreign sex slaves.

    Thursday, March 15, Point Park University is hosting a panel of discussion in honor of International Women’s Day to raise awareness of the severity of the issue of human trafficking.

  • Volunteers act out for fair housing practices

    Alexis Cash hopes to perform in front of large playhouses and on movie screens around the world, but for now she is excited about an upcoming part that will put her in front of just one person at a time.

    The Point Park University sophomore acting major has signed up to participate in a new program in which actors will portray renters to look for discrimination among landlords.

  • jeff228

    Turner Broadcast officials visit campus

    Industry leaders encouraged students to ‘embrace’ social media

    Turner Broadcast Networks visited Point Park University last Thursday to express the growing and changing field of social media and the role it plays in the world today—and to send a lucky student to California to see The Conan O'Brian show live.

  • mellon228

    Downtown Pittsburgh construction progresses

    Point Park University has long referred to downtown Pittsburgh as an extension of its campus, and though construction near university grounds may be minimal, the cityscape around it is currently undergoing many integral changes.

  • tuition228

    New fee, increases for 2012-13 tuition

    Students question tuition raises, new fees

    Without her scholarships, Alyssa Hall would not be able to afford the new fee and increase in former fees that are rising the cost of tuition.

  • Center for Student Success announced

    New advising center to be ‘one-stop-shop’ for student questions

    Nearly a year after United Student Government presented a proposal to change the university's advising system to administration, Keith Paylo, dean of student affairs, brought feedback to Monday's meeting.

    Paylo announced the creation of the new Center for Student Success, which was established in response to USG's request for a more centralized form of advising.

  • secretagent221

    Secret Agent L to share mission with Point Park

    Confluence hosts kindness ambassador Laura Miller

    It was the 24th morning of July 2009, and Laura Miller's mission was simple. A friend's only birthday request was for Miller to complete a little act of kindness under the pseudonym of "Secret Agent L."

  • phenomelogic221

    Student web series begins filming

    Web series cast shares sneak peeks via social media

    While most students are sound asleep at 7 a.m. on a Saturday morning, the Phenomelogic crew is hard at work on their webseries.

  • Dancers light up field as Sparks

    Three Point Park University dance majors have earned a spot on the official dance team of Pittsburgh's new arena football team, the Pittsburgh Power. As members of "The Sparks," the girls will show off their moves at Pittsburgh Power home games, as well as at various promotional events in the area.

  • Umbrella program, midterm grade reports climb toward approval

    USG to request midterm grade reports, implement club equipment inventory

    Students can eliminate packing an umbrella from their to-do lists if United Student Government's newest proclamation passes through Point Park University administration.

  • Weekly Police Report

    Total Calls: 161 Lockouts: 26 Feb 12: No urgent calls Feb 13: 1:56 a.m. Campus police conducted an odor investigation in Lawrence Hall. Feb 14: 2:14 a.m. Campus Police responded to a medical emergency in Conestoga Hall. 1:34 p.m. Campus Police responded to a medical emergency in the GRW Dance Complex.

  • Weekly Crime Report

    Feb. 5 12:19 a.m.: Police responded to a medical emergency involving an intoxicated female 2:05 a.m.: Police responded to a medical emergency involving an intoxicated male 2:31 a.m.: Police responded to a domestic call. Two individuals were arguing. Feb.

  • Budget debate pits club funding against gifts

    Club budget allocations fall short of expectations

    The United Student Government's finance committee stood in front of a full house when it presented the funds allocated to various student clubs at Monday's meeting.

  • New improv comedy club offers ‘outlet’

    Slow Clap improv club hosts ‘jams’

    Lara McCann-Moran's decision to take an improvisation class ultimately guided her to meeting Alex Tracy, a Point Park University graduate who was the president of Point Park's former improv club, Not Quite There.

  • CAB debuts second new event, develops ‘identity’

    As Campus Activities Board prepares to debut its first Dinner and a Movie event on Sunday, Feb. 26, the organization offered an inside look at the decision-making process of some of Point Park University's biggest events.

  • onlove28

    Campaign to support Only Love movement

    Campaign promotes ‘community

    As Valentine's Day draws near, Point Park University's Office of Campus Life prepares to host the "Only Love" project on Feb. 13, making this the second year Point Park will promote all forms of love through the campaign.

  • Humanities class explores unconventional topic

    When humanities professor Channa Newman set out to design and implement a course aimed at exposing the real minorities in America more than 10 years ago, she said she wanted to shed light on a group that flies carefully under the radar.

    "If you don't know how things are organized and run, and who benefits from whatever is being said, that's a big question," Newman said. "Qui bono­ ­­- ­­­who benefits? ‘Wealthy white males' actually asks that question."


      Week: Sun Jan 29 – Sat Jan 4 Lockouts: 22 Jan 29 5:11 a.m.: Campus police responded to a noise complaint on the third floor of the Boulevard Apartments. 5:13 p.m.: Campus police responded to a report of an unauthorized entry in Academic Hall.

  • Port Authority cuts continue

    Fare increases, 35 percent service reduction to affect transit use

    The Port Authority of Pittsburgh is currently proposing a 35 percent service reduction, effective in September, should it not receive adequate state funding to support the cost of continued service. Other service changes would include a fare raise in July and reduced service for all remaining bus and light-rail routes.

  • Local yogis refute negative ‘Times’ article

    Article spotlights yoga ‘risks,’ instructors respond

    Yoga instructors and students responded immediately when their practice faced negative criticism from writer William Broad's New York Times story; and now, the retorts have made their way to the Pittsburgh yoga community.  The ancient form of exercise, which originated in India, has benefited from a lot of great press, including reports of celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Madonna practicing yoga to stay fit and healthy.

  • Student club conferences complicate USG budget

    SouthSide shuttle considered

    Funding requests from student clubs submitted to United Student Government are at an all-time high this semester.

    Student club conferences are the largest portion of the requests, as well as the hardest for which to decide on funding.

  • Osteria 100 to ‘serve’ Village Park

    Construction at the intersection of Wood Street and Boulevard of the Allies did not end at the completion of the Village Park.  The renovation going on alongside the park is for a new restaurant that will be open to serve Point Park University students and the downtown Pittsburgh community.

  • Playhouse move considered for upcoming project

    Potential Playhouse relocation, public transit cuts discussed

    Fans of Point Park University athletics can now officially identify themselves as "The Herd" when cheering on their team at the games.

    The School Spirit Committee officially announced the name, which was decided by a student vote, at Monday's United Student Government meeting.

  • pghmoving131

    Website, movement protest Port Authority funding cuts

    Pittsburgh Port Authority could be facing a $64 million budget gap for the new budget that goes into effect in July as Pennsylvania's funding crisis for public transportation and infrastructure continues.

  • prettylittlethings124

    Student-created, feature-length film ‘Pretty Little Things’ set to premiere

    "Pretty Little Things," the first feature-length film to come from the students of Point Park University's cinema program, began production in early June and shot until mid- to late July and involved close to 100 students throughout the process.

    But at the film's premiere on Sunday, Jan. 29 at the SouthSide Works Cinema, writer and director Alex Di Marco will only be able to discuss his experiences on set based on pictures and stories, because he cannot remember any of it.

  • Boxed-meal option enacted, umbrella program considered

    USG makes new appointments, plans events for spring semester

    United Student Government representatives were urged to take action against Port Authority route cuts by Dean of Student Affairs Keith Paylo at this week's meeting.

  • GRW124

    University’s second largest benefactor dies

    George Rowland White, the single largest benefactor to Point Park University and the man behind the well-known initials "GRW," died on Saturday, Jan. 14, 2012, at Allegheny General Hospital. He was 82.

  • Study Abroad students discuss values of study abroad

    Taylor Chalker believes everyone should take a semester abroad noting that it is worth the added expense to see the world outside of the United States.

  • New center will train professionals in management

    Starting this year Point Park University will play host to business people and employees from all over the downtown Pittsburgh area giving them the opportunity to better their skills for the workplace through a partnership with the Center for Management Excellence.

  • Free evening meter parking, residence hall Wi-Fi among semester goals

    Point Park University's United Student Government kicked off its first meeting of the semester with a few goals set by USG President Anthony Costulas.

  • Yearly crime report prompts safety updates

    Steps taken to stop campus crime

    With Martin Luther King Jr. celebrations underway this week, the question that seems to be on everyone's mind is what progress has been made since the Civil Rights movement. When it comes to the representation of African Americans in higher education, some say there is still a long way to go.

  • Overseas tuition gap affects study abroad affordability

    Camelia Montoy has always dreamed of studying abroad in London in order to learn about other countries. However, a Point Park University policy change for the spring 2011 would have forced her to forfeit over $5,000 of her financial aid if she took that course of study, repressing her opportunity.

  • Drug violations increase on campus

    The towels were crammed underneath the bathroom door of an apartment in Conestoga Hall and a can of Febreze was sitting by the sink ready to hide any odor. A few guys sat down on the cold floor, removed marijuana blunts from their pockets, flipped on their lighters and began smoking the drug.

  • Senators propose extension of Center hours

    Subsidy passed, common hours await approval

    On Monday's Legislative Body meeting the senators approved a proclamation to be put forward to Point Park University's administration to extend the Student and Convocation Center hours to midnight Monday through Friday after receiving various complaints from students.

  • Graduate Association creates student networking events

    As president of the Graduate Student Association (GSA), Dawn Parasolick has been working hard planning events and forming committees in hopes to reshape what it means to be a graduate student at Point Park University.

  • RHA conference inspires 'plans to better' organization

    After attending a national conference in Maryland in November, the Residential Hall Association (RHA) Executive Board is pushing forward with plans to better their organization starting now through the spring semester.

  • Specialist encourages sleep before finals

    With the end of the semester near, students are busy cramming for exams and are burning the midnight hour finishing projects for classes; according to Melanie Cady, these activities are adding to sleep "debt."

  • Streetscape project to end in late May 2012

    The Streetscape portion of Point Park Universtiy's Academic Village initiative should be completed by late May, according to officials. The goal of the project is to improve the university's portion of Wood Street with new sidewalks and roads, and planting trees. Conestoga and Academic Halls had their sidewalks revamped as well as the Village Park.

  • Project 2020 builds curriculum, ‘revitalizes’ Mission

    Initiative aims to provide ‘top-notch’ student academics, experiences

    While the campus is going through physical changes with the Academic Village, Point Park University's curriculum will also go through a restructuring with Project 2020.

  • Bike rack installation completed on 700 buses

    Grant finances decade-long initiative

    Stan Zoufalik, a senior behavioral science major at Point Park University who commutes from Friendship Park in Penn Hills, uses the new bike racks on Port Authority buses, particularly when the weather is less than optimal.

  • PopUp

    Student artwork featured in Project Pop Up: Downtown

    Talent ‘pops up’ in Wood Street photo project

    The city of Pittsburgh is flourishing with new ideas on how to improve the Downtown area, with one of those ideas involving Point Park University.

    The developing project Point Park has contributed to involves emphasizing art as a way to revitalize the city.

  • Honors Program aids Alliance, provides Christmas toys for children in need

    The Honors Program at Point Park University will bring joy to many children this Christmas by collecting toys for the Alliance for Infants and Toddlers, Inc. (the Alliance) during the last two weeks of classes.

  • BSU, Point Park raise AIDS awareness

    According to the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, there are currently 34 million people in the world living with HIV/AIDS.  Ciera Onley and Joelisa McDonald want to do everything they can to bring awareness to Point Park University's campus when it comes to this disease.

  • Focus group deliberates alcohol, drug risks

    Students surveyed ‘taken aback’ by binge drinking statistics

    Kate Pieratt and Amanda McGuire have been given a challenge to figure out how the Alcohol and Other Drug program can better reach students at Point Park University.

  • Club activities delayed, funding discussed

    Student leaders explain budget allocation timing

    Meghan Ginley wanted to hold two club events in September, but since student leaders had not distributed funds, she had to pay all of the costs out of her own pocket.

  • Community Service Club volunteers in Pittsburgh

    The Community Service Club at Point Park University has a busy end of the semester ahead of them as they plan to participate in Habitat for Humanity, host a variety show and take part in a volunteer project for Toys for Tots.

  • Shuttle services aim to aid travel

    The Point Park University shuttles can take students, with valid school IDs, to a number of places in the greater Pittsburgh area. 

    One can take a shuttle to Whole Foods and buy organic groceries and other kitchen necessities.

  • LightUpNightSchedule

    Holiday season launched at 51st Light Up Night

    Holiday festivity parade expanded, students participate

    Kaitlin Villines's favorite part of last year's 50th annual Light Up Night was the real wedding taking place in Market Square. Santa and Mrs. Claus officiated the open ceremony clad in red and white.

  • Subsidy cuts affect commuters

    USG rethinks bus pass fund allocation, students react

    Students across Point Park University's campus feel blindsided by the new educational expenses due to the United Student Government's (USG) decision to cut subsidies to bus passes, one of the most popular perks available from the student activity fee.

  • Grant enhances alcohol awareness, funds campus events

    Dean Michael Gieseke and Kate Pieratt have a plethora of ideas on how to use the Alcohol Education Grant, recently awarded to Point Park University, to better reach students on their level.

  • Faculty Blackboard involvement requested

    Student proclamation receives mixed feedback

    Student leaders, wanting faculty to become more involved with campus-centered technology, have issued a proclamation requesting that all faculty use Blackboard for their classes. This request comes after members of the student body brought the matter to their notice.

  • Point Park settles lawsuit for $1.4 million

    New details have emerged about the lawsuit settled a week ago, filed by a former employee of Point Park University who alleged financial aid misconduct and a subsequent cover-up last year, including that the university settled out of court for $1.4 million.

  • Bus subsidies put to vote, new rules to be placed

    Shuttle service to Playhouse extended on trial basis

    On Monday, the Legislative Body decided to make a compromise by limiting the funding, but nearly unanimously voted to keep providing the bus pass subsidy program next semester as well as limiting the passes to only full-time commuter undergraduate students.

  • Got Consent? raises sexual abuse awareness

    Jordan Williams is peeping behind a shower curtain and smiling seductively at Kristy Johnson, who is wrapped in a bath robe returning a smiliar smile. The words "I ask to get there" and "Got consent?" are printed across the bottom of the poster.

  • Sports network executives present at Point Park

    Pittsburgh Center provides media networking

    The "Worldwide Leader in Sports" will be on Point Park University's campus for a programming and platforms seminar. Senior executives from the sports network ESPN will be sharing their professional knowledge with students as a part of the new Pittsburgh Center for Sports Media and Marketing initiative.

  • North Shore Connector nears completion

    The North Shore Connector is nearing completion and is scheduled to be functional in March of next year. The Port Authority of Allegheny County is scheduling test runs for late December.

  • Weekend Words of Wisdom promote student safety

    For Kate Pieratt, her job is more blowing whistles or advising students on their drinking habits; she believes information is more powerful than lectures and employs this philosophy daily in her efforts to inform students on the dangers of binge drinking and drunk driving.

  • The Body to host third annual Thanksgiving Prayer Breakfast

    The Body Christian Fellowship organization is hosting a Thanksgiving Prayer Breakfast on Thursday, Nov. 10.

    "The Thanksgiving Prayer Breakfast is a time where students, faculty and members of the community can come together and thank God for all the things that we have been given," Katherine Sikma, an advisor for The Body, said.

  • Condom Carnival aims to raise sexual health awareness

    Students waited anxiously outside of the ballroom for the start of the annual Condom Carnival. Once inside, students were instantly put in the Halloween spirit as the Lawrence Hall Ballroom had been transformed into a dimly lit haunted house. Shrieks and screams could be heard from inside the ballroom, which made students even more focused on making their way into the event.

  • Bus subsidy cuts in consideration

    Senators debate continued pass funding

    Senators have reached a critical juncture in deciding whether or not to cut the traditional funding for bus pass subsidies that provide discounted monthly passes for roughly 10 percent of the student population, the Legislative Body will vote next Monday on the issue.

  • Lectures present professors’ works

    Ross scheduled to discuss international research

    On Oct. 11, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences Robert Fessler gave a lecture that discussed his latest research.

    Assistant Professor Robert Ross will be giving the next lecture, addressing his time spent in Lebanon.

  • The Body rebuilds with Pittsburgh Project

    Student organization assists residents in home renovations

    Homeowners in need will once again receive a hand from Point Park University students this coming weekend. Members of The Body, a religious-based student organization, will be volunteering to help them.

  • Seasonal disorder counseling available

    Winter is approaching quickly this year; the weather is getting colder, rainier, and darker. With these extreme changes from the summer weather, it is normal to feel a little down. In fact, seasonal depression is an actual condition that affects much of the population.

  • Rockathon

    Annual Rock-A-Thon benefits Early Learning Institute

    WPPJ DJs last days, raise money

    As students walked up the steps toward the Point Cafe last week it was easy to tell something was different, louder in fact for the 67 straight hours.

  • Project GEL promotes HIV research

    HIV has been one of the main health concerns in society for years, especially in the gay community. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), men who have sexual intercourse with other men, make up for more than half of the nation's HIV cases. In fact, these victims have represented the largest percentage of persons that have been diagnosed and have died from AIDS.

  • CarnEVIL Halloween dance offers ‘club atmosphere,’ costume contest

    Students reflect on past party costumes, dancing

    After exceeding capacity at last year's Halloween dance at Whim nightclub, attendance at this year's costume party is expected to be in the hundreds again.

  • Shiva speech ‘highlights’ global issues

    Holly Kuhl, a senior global cultural studies major, was inspired recently to look into a very interesting field after college; organic farming.  She has been researching Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) and is considering it as an option for a career.

  • USGpublic

    Policy prevents lobby occupation

    Enforcement leads to venue change

    University officials, fearing student organizations will do damage to artwork and furniture in the Lawrence Hall Lobby, will no longer allow them to use the space for events.

  • SAEM Club presents cult classic 'Horror Show'

    Production offers ‘performance opportunity’ for diverse majors

    Colleen Maurer has spent the last month watching and studying Susan Sarandon's portrayal of Janet Weiss, a main character in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," and reading articles about the cult classic.

  • New support group approved as club

    Senators approve bylaws to improve transparency

    The Rules Committee was very busy during Monday's Legislative Body meeting as they proposed changes to the United Student Government (USG) Constitution that are meant to help better inform the student body and they put forward a new club for approval that hopes to create solidarity for victims of rape and sexual abuse.

  • RHA, USG dispute pending sign-in policy

    Proclamation changes ID requirement, causes confusion

    A new guest sign-in policy in all residence halls has drawn the anger of the Residence Hall Association (RHA) because it had no input in the change. The new process changes the current system from a guest sign-in policy to the use of an ID collateral system.

  • Available parking areas found Downtown

    Parking in downtown Pittsburgh can be a nightmare, as on average, daily rates run from $8 to $16 for most Downtown garages. The unfortunate reality for Point Park University students is that the lower the cost for parking, the longer the walk to campus will be.

  • Panel presumed to rid graduate school anxieties

    Professor Robert McInerney is hoping to reduce students' anxieties about graduate school by clarifying several topics through a Graduate School Panel at Point Park University.

  • Senior organization members pass on leadership

    Autumn Shuty has reason to be concerned, since the Future Educators of America (FEA), of which she is vice president, will be without both her and its president soon.

  • McGlynn lecture encourages new writers, gives advice

    David McGlynn's "The Edge of the Straight and Narrow"is a collection of short stories about topics ranging from natural disasters, abortion, and adultery to science, lust and families falling apart.

  • Sleep-In for the Homeless develops awareness

    CHS seeks to enhance lives, strengthen communities

    More than 2,000 people in Allegheny County who go to sleep every night without a roof over their heads, according to the Community Human Services Corporation.  Diane McMahon wants students from Point Park University to spend one night in the outdoor elements as part of a wide-ranging effort called Sleep-In for the Homeless, which brings awareness to the issue of homelessness in Pittsburgh.

  • CulturalSummit1

    Point Park summit reflects Asian culture

    Drum performances, artistic booths create ‘lively’ evening

    Tasty sushi, having their name written in Thai calligraphy or dressing up in a kimono were just a few activities students and staff could enjoy at the third Annual Cultural Summit in Lawrence Hall Lobby on Thursday, Oct. 13.

  • Student Center offers health, fitness classes classes

    If being in the middle of a large city is not enough for students to find some extra activities they enjoy, last week Point Park University began a series of healthy lifestyle classes at the Student and Convocation Center to get students up, out and moving.

  • AlumniWeekend1

    Alumni come 'Back to the 'Burgh'

    Former Pioneers recall 'camaraderie'

    In 1975, when most of their friends were walking across the stage to receive their diplomas from Point Park University, Gene and JoAnn Pieszak were walking down the aisle.

  • WPPJ hosts free concert

    Concert allows show of ‘untapped music scene’

    The Lawrence Hall Lobby will be the place to be Friday afternoon, with free stuff, prizes, and musical talent from Point Park University students and local Pittsburghers.

    WPPJ Radio is hosting its first Back to School free concert of the year on Oct. 14 in the Lobby from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

  • Honors Program provides challenging opportunties

    Most Point Park students believe they cannot enroll in the Honors Program of study if they did not qualify for it in high school.

    While it is true for many, a little known indirect path into the program is available through an application process, according to Carleigh Dettore, president of the honors student organization and a senior biology and psychology major.

  • Venture Outdoors advocates for recreation

    It's that time of year: fall. The weather is getting colder, leaves are changing color and days are getting shorter. Just because the weather is changing, though, does not mean it is time to stop enjoying the great outdoors. Now, it is even easier to spend time outside with discounted prices on all kinds of outdoor activities, hosted by Venture Outdoors.

  • Open Mic Night welcomes talent performances

    Ciera Onley's role in the Black Student Union's (BSU) Open Mic Night is not just organizing it. She will also be one of the many Point Park University students performing.

  • USG advises Activities ‘involvement’

    School offices' collaboration leads to successful on-campus events

    When the United Student Government (USG) proposed the new tier system for student organizations, it also included suggestions that the Office of Student Activities become more involved to help these clubs succeed.

  • Peprallythumb

    Spirit Week Pep Rally

    CAB hosted a Spirit Week pep rally on Wednesday, Oct. 5 in the Student and Convocation Center. Check out Lyddia Ankrom's photos from the event!

  • Munsch supervises campus mentors

    RHA adviser ‘great contribution’ to residental education, planning reform

    Though her new office is still quite empty only a month into the school year, laughter and smiles could be seen and heard in Residence Hall Association (RHA) advisor Katie Munsch's new space in the Campus Life offices. Some of the walls may still be bare, but it is clear that Munsch loves Pittsburgh, both of her college alma maters and a replica of Andy Warhol's 1955 piece, "Shoes, Shoes, Shoes."

  • Saudi Arabian women gain right to vote, Point Park students react

    Saudi natives voice suffrage opinions

    Wajd Tameem rejoiced when she watched King Abdullah give Saudi women the right to vote in a speech Sunday, Sept. 25. 

    "This was really a surprise, very shocking news - not shocking in a bad way, shocking in a good way," Tameem said Thursday evening in a conference room in the Student and Convocation Center.

  • Connect cards ‘modernize’ bus system

    New Authority fare policy ‘big change’

    Pittsburgh's Port Authority is implementing a new "connect card" fare system gradually throughout 2012. The modernized system will enable riders to swipe a card instead of feeding coins into fare boxes or buying bus passes.

  • Student Center offers health, fitness classes classes

    If being in the middle of a large city is not enough for students to find some extra activities they enjoy, last week Point Park University began a series of healthy lifestyle classes at the Student and Convocation Center to get students up, out and moving.

  • HareandCamel

    Honors Program introduces explorer

    Hare advocates camel conservation

    A British explorer who has triumphed over crossing both the Gashun Gobi desert in China and the Sahara desert in North Africa will embark on his next adventure at Point Park University on Oct. 6 to talk about his exploration with camels around Lake Turkana in Kenya.

  • Student Health Center offers flu shots

    Flu shots are a preventative measure that can cut down on the severity of the virus if contracted. This means that the length of time spent recovering will be considerably shorter and also that the symptoms will not be as harsh.

  • Budget delay creates shift in fund allocations

    Bus subsidies budget cut, given to student clubs

    After over a month delay, United Student Government (USG) was presented with a final budget number of $50,000 at Monday's Legislative Body meeting. This number is the final count in which Senators can allocate to clubs, outside endeavors such as the bison mascot and bus subsidies as well as internal USG marketing and expenses.

  • SpiritWeek

    CAB to celebrate Spirit Week

    Students splattered in green and yellow paint shouting "Point Park," athletes spinning basketballs upon their fingertips and cheerleaders voicing their spirit are just a few of the things one may have seen passing by Village Park Monday afternoon.    This display of school pride was for a commercial – part of Campus Activity Board's (CAB) plan to get students excited for Spirit Week, the week of Monday, Oct. 3.

  • City Council announces free nighttime parking

    Parking constraint subject to revision

    Life for commuters at Point Park University just got a little easier.

    South Hills commuter Desirae Ober no longer has to wait for the bus. 

    Monroeville commuter Chelsea Balawejder and Shaler area commuter Michael Miller can now avoid costly parking garages by taking advantage of free nighttime street parking.

  • Center for sports holds first seminar with CEOs

    Fetchko, McMillan offer field advice

    With the Penguins, Pirates, Steelers, Power and a variety of close college teams, it is no wonder students in Pittsburgh may have an interest in working in the sports field.

    Utilizing the resources and accomplished individuals throughout the city, a new Point Park University Center for Sports is rapidly establishing a presence on campus.

  • Commuter profile poll surveys student majority

    The United Student Government (USG) initiated its official commuter profile survey last Wednesday, Sept. 21. Over the last couple of weeks, the Student Concerns Committee of USG designed the survey questions. Within the next month, USG wants as many commuters as possible to take the poll.

  • Tier system separates student clubs

    The United Student Government (USG) has unveiled a new tier funding system for all student organizations. This will change how student groups are funded, as well as how to handle new organizations and ones that have not met the proper requirements.

  • Students donate to Central Blood Bank


    Dance major Bridget Scheiner will never forget her first experience donating blood.

    "They couldn't find my vein the first time. It took like 20 minutes," she recalled Thursday afternoon in the Lawrence Hall Ballroom.

  • USG addresses food service concerns, creates Fan Van pass contest

    Food service changes, library procedures and the new Fan Van pass were all on the agenda for discussion for the United Student Government (USG) Legislative Body meeting on Monday. Guests at Monday's meeting included Jason Hibshman, director of Food Services at Point Park University, and Liz Evans, director of the library.

  • HarlanCohen

    Harlan Cohen shares college advice

    ‘The Naked Roommate’ author visits Point Park, enlightens students

    Syndicated columnist Harlan Cohen arrived at Point Park University for the fourth consecutive year on Thursday, Sept. 15 to give an enlightening and entertaining lecture on what to expect in the first year of college. A combination of laughter and guitar music rang throughout the George Rowland White auditorium as he shared stories from his own experiences and also probed the audience for questions.

  • Honors program integrates iPads

    Students in three honors classes can now connect with each other using free Apple iPads, part of a university program designed to test if iPad applications affect achievement of learning objectives and increase student-teacher interaction in and out of the classroom.

  • VillagePark1

    Village Park officially open

    For Meaghan Foy, the new Village Park in Point Park University's urban environment makes her school feel more at home – a place to hang out with friends.

    After nearly three years of planning and almost a year of construction, students could finally visit the Village Park when it opened to the public during the official ceremony Wednesday, Sept. 14.

  • Point Park supports One Young World Pittsburgh Fall initiative

    Point Park University President Paul Hennigan felt strongly enough about bringing the One Young World Summit, a summit whose focus is on young people, to Pittsburgh that he wrote a letter of support.

  • University refreshes PointWeb, Blackboard

    New online academic sites ‘easy to navigate’

    Change is a recurring theme for Point Park University. Aside from the tangible construction, the online programs PointWeb and Blackboard have been revamped as well.

    For the past year and a half, Administrative Systems Manager Lisa White worked with her team to specialize PointWeb to the needs of students and teachers.

  • Film showcase features '9/11,' students, faculty commemorate tragic day

    While only eight years old at the time of the Sept. 11 attacks, Craig Genser still remembers watching the news reports with his mom.

    "The memory is burned in my mind, both buildings on fire, it just stuck with me," Genser, a Point Park University freshman criminal justice major, said after watching a screening of the film " 9/11" at the University Center George Rowland White Theater last Thursday as part of the school's Sept. 11 10th anniversary activities.

  • Point Park alumnus, Tribune photographer shares 9/11 experience

    Scott Spangler’s Shanksville plane crash photography selected for JVH Gallery display

    As more photographers and media arrived at the scene of a plane crash in Shanksville, Pa., Scott Spangler kept shooting photos.

    Despite the calls from his family and the growing awareness that he could be in danger, the Tribune-Review staff member focused on his mission of getting news and information out to the world.

  • Vigil1

    Students 'living in history' honor 9/11 victims

    Candlelit vigil held, community remembers 10 year anniversary

    Words of remembrance said with a heavy heart could be heard from all directions, especially from junior dance major Melissa McAlindon.

    "Being as young as I was, I didn't get what the whole concept was, people attacking America. But it had to be bad, you just knew something was wrong," McAlindon said.

  • Memorial3

    Thousands attend Shanksville Memorial, honor Flight 93

    Point Park students demonstrate patriotic spirit

    Adam McCoy of Altoona has a birthday that is recognized by millions of Americans as one of the most tragic days in history. For his father Eric, the day of Sept. 11, 2001 is a bittersweet memory.

    "With all the lives that were lost, I always say that we added one that day."

  • Pittsburgh City Council announces temporary parking enforcement hour rollback intentions

    Budget crisis prevents prolonged parking relief

    When the city raised parking meter rates and increased enforcement hours, Point Park University student Abigail Adkins stopped shelling out quarters into meters Downtown, and instead now parks her car in Oakland and rides the school's shuttle to class.

    "It was all of my laundry money," said Adkins, a dance major, in Alumni Park on Friday about dropping $3 for each hour of parking time all day.

  • LaborDay1

    Labor Day procession continues despite rain

    Pittsburgh parade attracts union, nonunion workers

    It was raining, it was pouring, and while many Pittsburghers were snoring, labor union workers filled the Boulevard of the Allies and Grant Street on Labor Day with shouts of "Who are we? We are One!" and "This is what democracy looks like!"

    The crowd, comprised of local union members, their families and students, acted as a support community for those participating in demonstrations for better employment standards.

  • Food service changes hands

    Point Park alumnus, USG change hours, expand options for campus dining

    After hearing copious amounts of criticism about the food at Point Park University, campus leaders Anthony Costulas and Joseph Ian Sulkowski were elated to be involved when serious food service changes occurred this past summer.


    The two United Student Government (USG) leaders met with candidates to run the operation, discussed student concerns and actually recommended the winning candidate for the director of food service at Point Park. 

  • Dodgeball4

    Sweet victory at Candyland dodgeball tournament

    Dodgeballs and a fictional candy-filled land may not appear to complement each other, but to Adam Niehl, the two created a sweet match at the Candy Land Dodgeball Tournament held Wednesday night in the Student and Convocation Center.

    "It was good to get freshman out of their rooms and get them playing around with upperclassmen," Niehl said. "This was a great way to get people involved."

  • University reflects on 10th anniversary of Sept. 11 with memorial events

    What began as an average day for Christine Meyer was obliterated in a matter of minutes. Meyer, a junior film major at Point Park University was in fifth grade when she received the news of what happened on Sept. 11.

    "Teachers kept coming in and out of my class and whispering stuff to my teacher," said Meyer. "We knew something was up."

    Meyer was not fully informed until after the school day had ended.

  • Changes in meter charges, regulations make Downtown commuting more costly

    USG plans to reassess bus pass usage, considers selling parking stickers

    With the dollar increase in parking rates and meter enforcement hours extended in Downtown Pittsburgh, students at Point Park University now have to dish out more money to make it to class.

    "These are problems that are facing our students and we think of ourselves as a diverse campus filled with people who want to come to class at night and make themselves better, but to make that happen you have to have the ability to get your car Downtown and have a way to travel back and forth," Anthony Costulas, President of the United Student Government, said on Tuesday, Aug. 23 in the old USG office. 

  • Campus police officers enhance campus safety, security

    Armed officers stir concern, meet with students to answer questions

    For the first time in its history, police officers are patrolling Point Park University, which officials say is a proactive move to enhance students' safety and security in Downtown Pittsburgh.

    On July 1, Point Park University introduced five sworn police officers authorized to carry weapons to patrol campus along with the university's nine non-sworn public safety officers.

  • Construction1

    Construction progresses despite surprises

    Urban park to be completed in three weeks, new plans develop for Academic Village

    The buzz of construction still bustles at the site of the soon-to-be urban park on Point Park University's campus, but progress is evident.

    Where there used to be parking spaces, a colonnade now wraps along the perimeters of the former Teris parking lot, and a frosted glass stair tower was added to enhance the brick sidewall of Frontier Hall.

    Each day, the site bears greater resemblance to the illustration of the completed park that is mounted on the construction fence.

  • Personal experience inspires SAVE member

    Acoustic series provides informal forum, showcases talent

    Senior Point Park University photojournalism major Chelsey Engel has seen the effects of Marcellus Shale drilling first-hand.  Drilling recently began in her father's backyard and Engel has already observed several negative consequences, such as power outages.  

    Engel had a petition to stop Marcellus Shale drilling available for students to sign at the Earth Day Acoustic Series last Thursday night in the Lawrence Hall lobby.  The show was sponsored by the Student Alliance for Vitalizing the Earth (SAVE) and WPPJ.

  • Exhibit showcases communication students’ work

    Transforming art into human essence and fusing it with technology and nature is what Patrick Millard has been doing in various art exhibits since he was a teenager, but the highlights of his evening this Thursday will be viewing the work of his students at Point Park University and meeting their parents.

  • Resolution passes, sets guidelines for leftover funds

    At this week's Point Park University United Student Government (USG) legislative meeting a resolution was passed that acknowledged that the remaining unallocated budget money would be left to the incoming USG president at the end of the school year to distribute accordingly during the rest of the budget's fiscal year.

  • ‘Unwinding time’ event closes students’ semester

    It will be free, it will be fun, and it just might be good for your health. The Campus Activities Board (CAB) of Point Park University will hold its inaugural "FIN" celebration on Friday, April 29, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the parking lot of the Student and Convocation Center on the Boulevard of the Allies.

  • Students claim UJB operates with inconsistent protocol

    Dante Anglin, a junior political science and pre-law major and Point Park University basketball player, was put on probation in the 2008-2009 school year for losing his temper at an intramural game off-campus.

    His team, composed of student-athletes and hand-picked friends, was playing against a team of all USG members, whose captain was the president of USG, Ryan Deasy.

    From Anglin's perspective, when things got out of hand and the game was proven to be unfair, Anglin lost his temper.

    Anglin received a notice from the university's judicial board, had a meeting with the director of judicial affairs and then attended a hearing with the board.

    Present at Anglin's hearing were three student judicial board members and one faculty staff member.

    As a result of the hearing, Anglin was put on probation, meaning that if he was caught doing anything that would result in fines, he would receive other consequences.

    Anglin was kept on probation and later was kicked off campus for misusing the sign-in process.

    Anglin's case is one of many that represents, from students' perspectives, inconsistencies of the Point Park judicial system

  • usg elections

    USG elections held

    The United Student Government held elections for the fall 2011 semester from Wednesday, April 13 until Thursday, April 14.

  • Bill of rights passed, academic advising report

    The Rules Committee's proposed Student Organization Bill of Rights was passed at this week's  United Student Government (USG) legislative body meeting, as well as the 2011 Academic Advising Report, compiled by the Student Concerns Committee, and the Criminal Justice Club was officially recognized.

  • Pittsburgh based HIV prevention research project seeks participants

     Rita Labbett remembers when the AIDS and HIV crisis was occurring, and people would see their friends get infected and die within months.

    She is part of Projectgel, a research study that males are being recruited for to test a new rectal lubricant that can provide not only some short term pay, but also help a Pittsburgh-based project that could help prevent HIV and other STDs.

  • GOP targets women's health service provider

    The first thing Republicans want to cut from Planned Parenthood is funding because the organization offers abortions, but the slashers will cut into reproductive health services, safe sex education, and contraceptive used by women.

    While the proposals to women's health did not get through this congressional session, conservatives have vowed to continue over time to try to cut funding from the organization, which offers services like those mentioned above and more.

  • Records

    Record Store Day celebrates artists, music appreciation

    Live music from local bands resonated throughout Point Park University's Lawrence Hall lobby last Wednesday, and carts filled with everything from vintage Beatles records to hip LPs of newer artists like The Black Keys and MGMT, as well as everything in between lined the tables for Point Park's first-ever celebration of Record Store Day.

  • New microwaves, student activity fee addressed

    Students can anticipate new microwaves, an evening with Mayor of  Braddock, John Fetterman, clarification as to how the student activities funds are spent and upcoming elections as a result of Point Park University's United Student Government's (USG) most recent legislative body meeting on April 11.

  • Scavanger hunt aims to bring commuters,residents together

    One of the clues in a commuter club scavenger hunt involves the location of ‘what is known as the bridge of tears.'

    Commuters and residents are joining together to do an event where they have a chance to walk around the city and bond simultaneously.

  • Carnival games backdrop Planned Parenthood funding cuts

    Condom Carnival educates students on safe-sex practices, second annual event ‘a success’

    Instead of receiving poker chips as a reward for playing blackjack, winners were rewarded candy and red Durex condoms.

    Next to the blackjack table a game was being played where Condom Carnival attendees wrestled to cover a water bottle with a condom.

    Across the room from that activity students learned how to properly apply a condom using a phallic-shaped wooden object.

  • Parents engage children, perform workplace tasks

    While children are at school they are often unaware of what mom and dad do all day that has them tired by the time they get home. On Thursday, April 28 Take Your Child to Work Day will fulfill the curiosity for the children of Point Park University's faculty and staff.

  • Outstanding Student Awards ceremony to be Point Park’s ‘Oscars’

    Last year Jamie Inferrera was completely unaware that her diligent work was about to earn her the honor of becoming one of the select few to win an Outstanding Senior Award from Point Park University's School of Communication.

  • Prayer breakfast participants reflect, local clergy attend

    In an ever changing society with tragedies striking at random, Sarah Garren is aware that a strong sense of community and faith is often vital to a college student's peace of mind and emotional stability.

  • Students endure dance-a-thon, proceeds benefit Make-A-Wish

    As the Dance for Dreams began, Mickey Haney found the fact that she could not stop moving no matter if feeling a little intimidated.

    Tess Montoya said the last hour was rough, but she was able to find the energy through having a good time with friends.

  • artwork

    Drawing workshop host fosters creativity, knowledge

    James Sulkowski had been living in New York City for 20 years and had been painting oil-based-portraits when his agent contacted him and told him about a new commission to paint murals for King Khalid bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia. The pieces continue to hang as a permanent installation in the Abdul Aziz Military Museum in Riyadh.

  • DSC_1467.JPG

    USG Candidates tackle topics of student involvement and more at U-View Debates

    Ever since Anthony Costulas met Joseph Ian Sulkowski last year as the CF of Lawrence Hall Floor 14, they felt like they made a good team. They showed this bond last night, answering questions during U-View's Election Special, while also discussing their platform to run unopposed as president and vice president of Point Park University's United Student Government (USG).


    Students brave weather, spread poverty awarness

    Harsh weather conditions kept many students at Point Park University with covered feet, but some still braved the elements and went shoeless on Tuesday to participate in TOMS "One Day Without Shoes" event.

    The purpose of walking around barefoot is to raise awareness of those children who are not fortunate enough to own a pair of shoes. TOMS Shoes set the date as April 5 for people around the world to participate and experience life without footwear.

  • Policy revisted, student club events remain alcohol-free

    Alcohol policies, extended student center hours and the use of leftover funds were among some of the things discussed at the most recent Legislative Body meeting for United Student Government (USG).

  • Condom Carnival kicks off Sexual Awareness Month

    Free condoms, sexual advice, chances to win offered

    Students who attend the Condom Carnival today will not only be able to receive free condoms, but able to talk to local organizations, such as Planned Parenthood, to get information on safe sex to prevent pregnancy and STDs.

    Along with receiving free condoms and sexual advice students can also play games for chances to win gift cards, candy, and novelties.

  • University reaccredited, Middle States standards met

    After a three-year long process, Point Park University has passed a series of standards that must be met in order to be accredited by a major accreditation agency. The agency has found the university continues to reach high educational standards and academic pursuits.

    That ruling by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education means Point Park will be reaccredited for about 10 years, as long as it fully answers questions left by the agency last week and follows through with its requirements.

  • shirley jones

    Star attributes Playhouse to career success

    Shirley Jones and Richard E. Rauh were honored at Point Park University's "The Playhouse Rocks Starmakers" gala last Saturday evening at Stage AE on the North Side.

    This event celebrated 75 years of the Pittsburgh Playhouse, and Jones attributes much of her success in her career as a stage, television and film to it.

  • bsurnb

    BSU holds Open Mic Night, features poets, musicians

        Observers of all kinds filled the Starbucks at Conestoga Hall at Wood Street and Fort Pitt Boulevard to witness spoken word and music. The event that took place on March 30 was sponsored and operated by Point Park University's Black Student Union (BSU).


        Poets, rap artists, and vocalists attuned the audience with their creative vibes all evening long. Amongst the talented, Julian Alexander-Hicks — who volunteered his services — adhered to the organization's request and served as the guest host.

  • Knitting group granted club status, majors cirricula revised

    A new campus club and upcoming adjustments to academic programs were among some of the changes United Student Government (USG) officials discussed during the Legislative Body this week.

    USG members granted The Knitting and Crocheting Club official club status at the university during the meeting March 28.  Carly Lunoe was present as a representative of the new club, describing that the club will add "whimsical fun to the neighborhood."

    A current project some officials are involved in is working on a proclamation to extend the hours of the Student and Convocation Center.

  • New ‘tradition’ promotes campus unity, pride

    University clubs, teams, departments to perform service works for Pioneer Community Day

    Michael Potoczny hopes to have created one big annual Point Park University tradition.

    But for Pioneer Community Day to be successful on April 9, it will take a collective effort from students, administrative departments, schools, athletic teams, student organizations, residence floors, offices and alumni to give back to the community and to develop a sense of university unity and pride. Those participating will volunteer their time at various non-profit organizations around Pittsburgh.

  • Students prepare for commencement held in CONSOL Energy Center, new open seating

    Graduate and undergraduate commencement ceremonies are approaching fast, and if students of Point Park University's 2011 graduating class missed the Graduation Fairs, there is plenty they need to do to be prepared.

  • Blogfest

    Bloggers join Society of Professional Journalists, discuss social media

    Seth Rorabaugh posts daily updates for Pittsburgh Penguin fans, using multimedia and his sense of humor to draw hockey fans to his blog.

    Bill Steigerwald used his travel blog to expose readers to the true story of a 43-day journey across America in 2010.

    Terra McBride's personal style blog gives her readers weekly access to her daily life and closet, even leaving some of her outfits entirely to "community choice."

    Although their interests contrast, the three bloggers literally braved a hailstorm to join Point Park University's Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) for its second annual Blogfest on March 23 in the JVH Auditorium.

  • Moore

    Emmy nominated director, producer screens latest film

    Chris Moore answers students’ questions, hopes to ‘inspire’ generations to come

    An "inspiration" was how director and producer Chris Moore described his 2009 documentary "The People Speak," which was screened in Point Park University's GRW Theater last Saturday evening for an audience of approximately 100 film students and faculty from Point Park, the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University. 

    The film, based on the late historian Howard Zinn's best-selling book "A People's History of the United States," was followed by a panel discussion hosted by Moore and Christopher Sepesy, adjunct cinema and digital arts professor and faculty adviser for Point Park's John P. Harris Society.

  • tshirtbar

    Portion of activity fee unaccounted for, USG budget under scrutiny

    Approximately $25,000 taken from students' pockets last semester went unused because campus organizations spent only 41 percent of the $14,893 set aside for them, and the rest of the $54,111 that was supposed to be used by student government officials for student events sat idle.

    The same thing happened last academic year when $38,000 worth of student activity funds were left unspent due to an oversight by the United Student Government (USG), with a total of nearly $63,000 over the past year that was not spent on students or a dwindling number of clubs on campus. USG officials sat on the surplus of funds, leaving students who were hit with a 113 percent student activity fee increase last semester with little more than the option to purchase discounted bus passes and free tickets to shows at the Pittsburgh Playhouse.

  • Campus Life hears feedback, changes dorm selection policy

    Each year, the Office of Campus Life adjusts the housing selection process based on the feedback of students, and students hoping to live on campus this upcoming fall will see some of those changes.

    "We like to make changes every year and try to find the perfect formula," said Amelia Hogan, Campus Life community director. "We'll never be perfect, but we try to address every year what's the biggest feedback that we're getting and make the change, and one thing that's nice is that we can very quickly just make a change."

  • Students receive journalism Mark of Excellence awards

    Faith Cotter skimmed through one of many e-mails after a busy day not expecting to see a message honoring her with an award from the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ).

    "I wasn't expecting this one," she said.

    Cotter is a senior print journalism major and is among many Point Park University School of Communication journalism students being honored by SPJ with the Mark of Excellence Award. A ceremony will be held this coming April in Rhode Island for the esteemed pieces of literature that appeared in the 2010 edition of the Innocence Institute's "Justice Magazine."

    Lucy Leitner, a Point Park grad, co-authored the story with Cotter and shared identical shock value in regard to winning.

  • Dozen

    Downtown bake shop closes doors, concentrates on other locations

    Community Facilitator (CF), Nicole Jones, liked the convenience of having Dozen Bake Shop downtown.

    Downtown Dozen customer, Lynae Pindell, is upset that the location has decided to close.

    As the owner of Dozen, James Gray said Point Park University students can still enjoy their cupcakes and other treats at the Lawrenceville and Oakland locations.

    After a year and a half of being open to the downtown Pittsburgh community, Dozen Bake Shop closed its doors on Feb. 25, 2011. The decision was made after looking at how business was going at that location.

  • Variety Show raises proceeds, provides live entertainment

    "One more song, one more song," was a chant that broke out after the opening guitarist. "Take it off" was shouted by an audience member as the pianist unzipped his sweatshirt to reveal a T-shirt, and viewers seemed more interested in the iPad to which another guitar was connected instead of the actual guitarist.

    The second annual Community Service Variety Show, sponsored by the Community Service Club was held on Thursday, March 17 to raise money for the Jubilee Soup Kitchen in uptown Pittsburgh. Entry fees for the audience and registration fees for acts, cost either $1 or a canned good.

  • Firehouse

    Former fi re station becomes ‘huge’ step toward community vision

    Point Park University's $275,000 purchase of the old Boulevard of the Allies fire station from the City of Pittsburgh completes land and building acquisitions needed to build a new Student and Convocation Center on campus.

  • Myron Cope scholarship, Brackets 101 event ‘great opportunity’

    Myron Cope had a love for both sports and the city of Pittsburgh and each were celebrated by a crowd of around 200 people on Monday, March 14 at the Brackets 101 event.

     Five Point Park University students applied for the Myron Cope Scholarship, which is an award of $1,000 to a student in the School of Communication. These students were Doug Andiorio, Matt Desmond, Josh Frketic, Mike Kravetz, who was not present at the event, and Ken Musgrave.

  • Putnam

    University hosts special exhibit of ‘indescribable’ emotion

    Photographer Bill Putnam to speak on experiences documenting life during, after war

    Photographer Bill Putnam, was embedded in Afghanistan during the summer of 2010 with the Abu Company. While there he photographed the soldiers stationed there and soon will be bringing his images to in a special exhibit to Point Park University on April 8.

    "Faces of Battle, Afghanistan" is the name of Putnam's exhibit. It features a collection of 40 photographs. Twenty of them are documentary images of the regiment performing its activities in the field, including target practice at makeshift ranges, patrolling across the Afghan terrain and interacting with the members of local villages.

  • Amy Bittner offers options, job ‘hotspots’

    During the Feb. 28 United Student Government (USG) meeting, a motion was made to impeach School of Business-at-Large Representative Lyndsay Monaco.

    Senator Jonathon Bucci motioned for Monaco's impeachment and senior psychology major Veronika Panagiotou seconded the motion.

  • Legislative body motions to impeach senator-at-large

    Third-term Senator claims accusations ‘false’; USG to hold impeachment trial

    During the Feb. 28 United Student Government (USG) meeting, a motion was made to impeach School of Business-at-Large Representative.

  • stuff

    Poof presents multimedia performance event ‘Stuff ’

    Creator Riva Strauss hopes installation inspires audience, promotes social change

    Riva Strauss sifted through abandoned print-outs from the recycling bins of several Point Park University computer labs in search of pieces of paper that did not disclose personal information.

    The creator of the "social change through art" club, Poof, found not only some interesting and amusing reading, but also fulfillment in the fact that she was able to print fliers for her club's upcoming show, "Stuff," about the condition of the environment on the blank sides of recycled paper.

  • stuff

    Poof presents multimedia performance event ‘Stuff ’

    Creator Riva Strauss hopes installation inspires audience, promotes social change

    Riva Strauss sifted through abandoned print-outs from the recycling bins of several Point Park University computer labs in search of pieces of paper that did not disclose personal information.

    The creator of the "social change through art" club, Poof, found not only some interesting and amusing reading, but also fulfillment in the fact that she was able to print fliers for her club's upcoming show, "Stuff," about the condition of the environment on the blank sides of recycled paper.

  • Despite cut in work study hours, Career Development offers job oppurtunities

    In response to the recent work-study budget cuts, Point Park University's Office of Career Development wants to remind students they have many options still available to help them find a part-time job or internship. 

    Recently, the offices created a directory of local employers.  These "hot spots"  show students what off-campus positions are hiring, where they are located and how students can travel there.  A variety of part time, seasonal and temporary positions are currently available including retail associates, kennel assistants and tutors.

  • Faculty share teaching plans, engage ideas on campus

     About three years ago, two psychology professors realized teachers may need to learn from one another when they work on a campus with a lack of communication between educators.

     In the professors' view there was no place to share thoughts, strategies and tales from the classroom with one another. They knew that being teachers at a university level meant many educators on campus were well informed of what they knew, but may not have known the best strategies to reach their students and each other.

  • New athletics logo developed, discussed

    In an attempt to revitalize a male-oriented image, the Point Park University athletic department is working on a new logo and mascot to help amp school spirit and give students one more reason to be proud of their school. 

    "We wanted to hold off until the university had their logo," said director of athletics, Dan Swalga at United Student Government's Feb. 22 meeting.  "Then, we started looking at the mascot."

  • Living Learning Community activity ‘success’; IMPULSE, local businesses participate

    An activity for the Sporting Life ninth floor quickly grew to become something more for, Community Facilitator (CF), Blair Jones. This student-run event brought real life experience for those planning it and got the audience involved by interacting with them during the game show.

    The event had free food and prizes all donated from businesses around the city and clubs on campus.

  • glass

    Center offers classes, fosters ‘passion’

    Whether he is learning how to create a glass-blown pumpkin or trying his hand at putting images into glass, for Rocky Kindleberger, it is all art.

    Glass is a passion for Kindleberger, a student of instructor Heather Joy Puskarich's who took his first lesson in 2007 at the Pittsburgh Glass Center.  The institution is celebrating is 10th anniversary this year.

  • Screenings, ‘informative,’ issues often ‘escape scrutiny’

    Global cultural studies department, SAVE, present two documentaries that highlight global issues

    This semester, the Global Cultural Studies Department will host two screenings of social documentaries for all Point Park University students.

    "All the films we'll be showing speak to issues that are part of our lives but often escape scrutiny," said J. Dwight Hines, assistant professor of global cultural studies.  "It's an opportunity to get information in an easy fashion and be an informed citizen, which is what we're dedicated to at Global Cultural Studies and this university at large."

  • Student forms Anime club, approval pending

    When Isabella Jones transferred to Point Park University, she noticed it was missing something: an anime club.  Jones soon took the steps necessary to start one on campus.

    "I want the club to be comprehensive and cover all types of Japanese subculture," said Jones, a junior film production major.

    The club is for students interested in anime, manga, cosplay, Japanese video games and Japanese music and fashion.

  • lounge

    Lounge a ‘work in progress,’ brings ‘sense of community’

    The commuter lounge at Point Park University is now open to students after having its first event last week.

    With new furniture, a large TV and soon to be installed microwave, the new commuter lounge, located on the fourth floor of Lawrence Hall, is the home away from home for commuters.

         "The lounge has been a working progress throughout the entire school year … I've been trying to hold commuter events in the lounge to increase movement through there," Commuter Affairs Director Sarah George said.

  • usg

    Work-study hours cut, lab staff reduced

    Late night studiers and procrastinators have found accessing the 24-hour computer lab difficult this semester.

    The lab, located in room 208 Thayer Hall, has not been kept open round-the-clock as in previous semesters.

  • dinner

    Career development hosts etiquette, networking dinner

    Point Park University students will have the opportunity to practice formal dining etiquette and network to help prepare them for their professional futures at the etiquette dinner being hosted at Point Park by the office of Career Development, along with other school groups and organizations on Tuesday, Feb. 22. Students attending will learn what to do and what not to do when attending a formal dinner.

  • intersection

    ‘Dangerous’ intersection on campus makes city aware

    Past passersby precariousness promotes practical pedestrianism

    Madeline Ardillo, freshman screenwriting major, at Point Park University does not risk crossing the intersection of Wood Street and Boulevard of the Allies when the light is red. She can get away with racing against traffic on any other street, but not this one. Not after she saw an accident occur at two in the morning last semester.

  • Documentary portrays G-20 protests, city, police actions

    Local filmmaker explores many issues involved with international summit held in fall of 2009

    "Pittsburgh Welcomes the World," was a statement printed on banners and rotated on Port Authority buses during the 2009 G20 summit, that left many Pittsburghers perplexed. 

    A feeling of perplexity, among a sea of questions depicted in the film "Pittsburgh welcomes: an examination of the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh."

  • blooddrive

    Drive saves lives, spreads awareness

    Every two seconds someone needs a blood transfusion. By donating just one pint of blood, three lives can be saved.

    On Tuesday, Feb. 15, Point Park University will be hosting a blood drive from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Ballroom located on the third floor of Lawrence Hall.

  • Miracle ball, Kent student fights cancer

    The Miracle Masquerade ball will be held on Feb. 24 in the Lawrence Hall Ballroom and will raise money to support Leukemia patient Marisa Manocchio.

    Manocchio is an integrated mathematics education freshman at Kent State University. She was diagnosed with Leukemia just three days after her birthday in January 2009. The proceeds from this event will go towards her hospital bills.

    "It's really great to know that people actually care about things that happen to others, in my case cancer," said Manocchio in a phone interview. "I feel really blessed that so many people wanted to help me through this entire thing and that one of my closest friends would do this for me."

  • U-View site steps toward ‘strong presence’

    Point Park University student-run television station U-View launched its new website on Feb. 2 giving its members another outlet for broadcasting work, and benefitting its viewers by making the consumption of news content more individualized.

  • dispatch

    University deliberates armed guards on campus

    Point Park University President Paul Hennigan is taking on the controversial issue of arming the school guards as political gun debates and mass shootings have an unfortunate occurrence in today's society, the issue of weaponry has risen to a critical level of dispute.

  • Photographers encouraged to learn from work of others

    The collaborative efforts of Patrick Millard and outside artists merge together to create the Speaking Light lecture series that will be featured at Point Park University the last Friday of every month.

    Millard, an assistant professor in photography, is the organizer of this new series, and hopes to break down the boundaries of culture through photography and digital arts. The speakers of this series include photographer and filmmaker Nate Abramowski, photographer Christine Holtz, and author Heather Pinson.

  • usg

    Off-campus student discounts now available at local eateries

    Growls from hungry, student-budgeted bellies can now be silenced because eight local food vendors now offer discounts to Point Park University students.

    As a result of discussions and efforts between ARAMARK and Point Park's United Student Government, students with valid student IDs now have access to a 10 percent discount at Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs, R&B's Pizza Place, Subway, Tavern 245, Mandarin Gourmet and Mexico City, as well as promotional offers at Dunkin' Donuts and Moe's Southwest Grill.

  • Warhol Dance

    ‘Trendy’ museum sets atmosphere for charity ball

    Carly Lunoe reveled in the fact that, during the Andy Warhol Charity Ball on Thursday night, she could dance and enjoy art at the same time.

    "I love [the Warhol museum]," Lunoe, a sophomore business economics and finance major, said. "You get to have fun, and you get to explore the culture of Pittsburgh."

    Twice as many people attended this year's charity ball organized by Point Park University's Campus Activities Board (CAB) as last year. The event was held off-campus on Jan. 27 at the Andy Warhol Museum and, unlike last year when it was held on the Gateway Clipper, students could leave whenever they wanted.

  • involvement fair

    University clubs seek new recruits

    When Aly Lane, a freshman behavioral science major at Point Park University, strolled into the lobby of Lawrence Hall, she was initially only seeking free giveaways. However, she walked away less than an hour later with an armful of flyers and baked goods, as well as having signed up for three different student organizations.

  • J.P. Harris, Confluence screen spring films

    Point Park University students looking for free entertainment have a variety of film screening options close to campus. Both Point Park's division of the Confluence Psychology Alliance and the John P. Harris Society, a student organization named after the Pittsburgh businessman who opened America's first Nickelodeon theater, regularly screen different types of movies for Point Park students.

  • usg

    Commuter involvement discussed

    As a university with a 75-percent commuter population, Point Park's United Student Government (USG) has been focusing on ways to increase student involvement.

    Students, residents and commuters alike, who are interested in getting involved in extracurricular campus activities and clubs often find class, work and transportation schedules holding them back, which is why USG says they are hoping to have university common hours reinforced.

  • Cost of transportation continues to rise, commuters adapt

    With no other proposed resolution to the Port Authority's budget crisis, the city had no choice but to eliminate routes and hike up fees, which means Point Park University students and staff will be paying more.

    On March 27, Port Authority Transit of Allegheny County, got relief from the state with a 45 million dollar temporary fix, and will cut 15 percent of routes, including 55 Jefferson, 32 Campbells Run and 37 Ridgemont among others. However, according to Jim Ritchie, director of public relations for Port Authority, said "the problem is ‘financial.' We have largely state funding." 

  • steelers

    Student Activities plan game day party, Steelers fans enjoy victory

    Regardless of what team one rooted for, there was one thing that everyone who attended the Steelers Party on campus, Sunday, agreed upon:It was time to "chow down."

  • Faculty, curriculum undergoing changes

    School of Communications 'building' with new staff, 'new projects'

    The leadership in the School of Communication has drastically changed over the past two years, and along with that new administration comes recently established programs and changed curricula.

  • usg

    Pres. Hennigan talks pros, cons of armed force

    Point Park University President Paul Hennigan and United Student Government (USG) legislative body members exchanged facts, concerns and opinions of university plans to implement an armed, on-campus police force.

  • mlk

    Point Park students contribute, activites organized for Diversity Day

    Point Park University students commenced the spring semester by celebrating the 26th annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, as well as Point Park's Second Annual Diversity Day Celebration presented by the Honors Student Organization (HSO), Black Student Union (BSU), United Student Government, AdFed/PRSSA and Academic and Student Affairs.

  • Charity ball to be held at Warhol

    Every year, Point Park University's Campus Activity Board (CAB) has a ball in honor of a charity of its choosing. This year it has decided to throw the party at the Andy Warhol Museum. All the proceeds will go to the Humane Society; not a penny goes to CAB.

  • ‘Rich history’ of The Courier portrayed in documentary

    With a circulation of 250,000 and 400 employees in 14 cities, The Pittsburgh Courier became one of the most widely read black newspapers in the country and is still printed today.

    The rich history and significance of this news outlet is discussed in the documentary "Newspaper of Record: The Pittsburgh Courier 1907- 1965," which will be screened in the GRW Theater Jan. 25 at 7 p.m.

  • shuttles

    ‘Safety’ key in shuttle service location change

     James Moore, a frequent shuttle passenger, said the new shuttle drop off/pick up location is a "change" that he, along with everyone else, will have to adapt to.

     With the new location easier for her to reach, Mikelle Rindflish believes it will "probably be better."

    Janette Pekar hopes the new location will "enhance" safety on campus.

    With the safety of Point Park University students in mind, the university decided to make a change in the shuttle pick up/drop off location from Third Avenue to Boulevard of the Allies, right outside of the Student and Convocation Center.

  • cafe

    Trial to open Cafe Sundays during spring semester

    The Point Park University Point Cafe will be open on a trial run basis on Sundays in the spring semester, giving students additional eating choices on Sundays.

    Also during the Monday Legislative Body meeting was the addition of two new representatives.

    "We were very pleased with … Rebecca Beyer's decision to open the Cafe on Sundays," press secretary for United Student Government (USG) Meagan Stroud said.

  • Garage evaluation results yield ‘areas of concern’

    After being evaluated by A & A Consultants Inc. in 2009, a number of the Pittsburgh Parking Authority's garages earned a rating of less than fair, meaning major repairs are needed.

    Due to the fact that they drive to school, many student commuters are voicing their concerns about the garages and the fact that their conditions are not quite up to par.

    "Some of the other garages they look a little rundown, and I always feel a little hesitate to even walk inside them. I think it's because they are not as well-lit as the one on Boulevard of the Allies," said Yip, senior secondary education major.

  • Finals week, RHA late night breakfast

     Hannah Frye encouraged students to trade in their stacks of papers and flashcards for piles of warm pancakes and waffles at this year's Late Night Breakfast.

  • CAB Charity Ball to benefit Humane Society

    Every year, Point Park University's Campus Activities Board, (CAB) has a ball in honor of a charity of its choice. This year, it has decided to throw the party at the Andy Warhol Museum. All the proceeds will go to the Humane Society, not a penny goes to CAB.

  • deasy

    Deasy resigns; three senators vie for empty liaison position

                Marissa Deasy resigned from United Student Government (USG) this week, leaving her positions of President Pro-tempore and junior representative to be filled.

  • refuggees

    Student refugee offers help to fellow Bhutanese

    At the age of 19, Kishor Pradhan was forced to leave his home country, Bhutan, and leave behind his parents. From there, he traveled to India and joined the People's Forum for Human Rights to help free friends and fellow Bhutanese who were arrested by the government in an ongoing act of discrimination.

  • University considers implementing armed police force

    The Point Park University campus and grounds may soon be patrolled by armed, in-house police officers. That is because steps have been taken by the university administration to establish a private police force under the umbrella of the Department of Public Safety.

  • port authority

    Point Park backs website to prevent transportation crisis

    Lucinda Beattie, vice president of transportation for the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership (PDP), believes Pennsylvania voters need to let legislators know the transportation crisis is a "priority issue."

    Mariann Geyer, vice president for external affairs, said the transportation crisis will have a "chilling effect" on all of Point Park's students.

    Michael Potoczny, United Student Government president, said his goal is to keep "transportation to the school affordable."

  • CAB creates Murder Mystery

                On a cold December night, inflatable neck pillow inventor Bartholomew Cosmo was killed during a sleepover in his mansion. Several heirs remain suspects in his death, and it is up to Point Park University students to figure out who the murderer is.

  • parking

    Student commuters find parking crackdown, prices ‘inconvenient’

    Marissa Deasy says she "usually" has negative parking experiences.

    As a commuter from Oakland, Leah Fox appreciates the shuttle services provided by Point Park University despite having negative experiences commuting.

    Meagan Stroud, United Student Government press secretary (USG), said "USG is more than willing to do everything" they can to assist commuters.

    "It's really inconvenient to be a commuter, but I do empathize [with the school] because what are they supposed to do? They can't just build a parking lot," said Fox, a junior Conservatory of Performing Arts major.

    In an era when Pittsburgh is using parking as both a means of funding and as a form of punishment, there are numerous ways in which Point Park students can find a place to park without breaking their tight budgets.

  • Drilling debate over tax, jobs, safety continues

    After months of protest, debate and rallying, both Pittsburgh City Council and South Fayette banned Marcellus Shale drilling and production in residential areas on Monday, Nov. 15.

  • No. of Chinese students rising

    The number of Chinese international students coming to the United States to attend college is on the rise.

    Yet while larger schools like the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) have over 1,500 Chinese students combined, Point Park University has only one Chinese student in its international program. Similarly, the ELS program on campus does not have any Chinese students.

  • USG

    USG urges students to voice concerns, opinions

    Ken Heidkamp would like to see a Point Park University football team.

     Katie Burks wants more bicycles to rent and for a safer intersection at Wood Street and Boulevard of the Allies.

        Eileen Janesz would like more washers and driers for the dorms.

          Such concerns, along with games and food from Moes, were included in United Student Government's (USG) forum on Nov. 16.

  • Legislative Round Table aims to End Homelessness

    Attendees at Monday's Legislative Round Table Focusing on Ending Homelessness in Allegheny County meeting discussed the lack of connection and cooperation among different agencies and departments at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh.

  • Site offers students ‘ability to easily connect’ on campuses

                A new solution is underway for Point Park Universityclubs and organizations citing problems with communication and outreach.

                After researching several possible solutions, Director of Student Activities J.W. Tabacchi feels that student management provider, OrgSync, will help the university as a whole.

  • Gooden wins Dance-A-Thon

    Shonica Gooden and Nile Ruff were performing pirouettes to Lil Wayne's "I'm Single" when the music stopped abruptly. Both of the dancers rose into a second position relevé and froze.

  • BSU to hold Soul Food Social

    Lichelle Byrd makes the Soul Food Social a way for students to network while enjoying traditional soul food and a live soul band.

                Byrd, Vice President of the Black Student Union (BSU) at Point Park University, planned this year's Social as a way for students to make connections with people from the school as well as leaders in the community.

                "It's an opportunity for students to meet people they wouldn't normally get to meet," Byrd said.

  • Student discovers source of ‘extremely valuable information’

    Lauren Hensley started browsing criminal court records online to dig up "dirt" on her family and friends as a joke, but when she found the man she was thinking of dating had drug charges filed against him, she decided to end the relationship          

                "I didn't want to involve myself in that," Hensley, a Duquesne University graduate student, said.

  • Meal plans ‘inconvenient’

    Samantha Taylor feels that the current meal plan situation is "inconvenient" because of the limits placed on the meals.

                Erin Zarisnak thinks that Point Park University should take advantage of local, outside food vendors.

                Student concerns about the meal plans and vendors were the topic of discussion at the most recent United Student Government (USG) meeting.

  • Limewire sued for copyright infringement

    The well-know file sharing site, LimeWire, was sued four years ago for a massive copyright infringement by the Recording Industry Association of America(RIAA)which consists of theeight biggest music publishers in New York.

    Four years later, LimeWire has been shut down permanently. The site displayed a legal banner on its website stating, "This is an official notice that LimeWire is under a court-ordered injunction to stop distributing and supporting its file-sharing software. Downloading or sharing copyrighted content without authorization is illegal." LimeWire was permanently shut down on  Friday, Nov.6.

  • CAB becomes more student friendly

    Music, dance and artistic expression filled the George Rowland White (GRW) Theater as the Campus Activities Board (CAB) took another stride toward expanding the Point Park University community.

  • Pension crisis negotiations continue as council members demand ‘clarification’

    Pittsburgh City Council and Mayor Luke Ravenstahl have yet to agree on a solution to the city pension deficit crisis.

  • Shuttle driver dies following bus accident

    Students urged by offi cials to take caution at congested intersection

                A Point Park University shuttle bus driver who was hit by a Port Authority bus on Oct. 18 died from his injuries over the weekend.

    Vernon Benson, 70, of Wilkinsburg, died at 10:17 a.m. at UPMC Mercy Hospital on Saturday, Oct. 30, according to the Allegheny County Medical Examiner's office.

  • Radack ‘juggles’ responsibilites


    Cassandra Radack was appointed the School of Communications senator-at-large on Monday.

    Her appointment raised questions of whether or not she will be able to handle the responsibility of the United Student Government (USG) while juggling positions in other clubs.

                "I'm going to learn how they do everything and learn more about the structure of the school and then I would really like to almost be the voice of people who have really great ideas or who have concerns but don't want to bring them up or talk about them," Radack said. "I would really like to be the connection between people who have opinions and USG, and bring them to USG."

  • Counselor says classes, work add to ‘stress levels

    James Moore was feeling stressed about performing well, and now an injury has created additional frustration.

                 Rebecca Gervais was so exhausted from midterm week that she had to force herself to wake up for class.

  • Event delayed, scheduling conflicts lead to collaboration

    Megan Beavis, head of Point Park University's Residence Hall Association (RHA) wanted to hold a major lock-in event featuring all-night dodgeball, basketball, tie-dying, raffles and many other activities on Nov. 12,, but scheduling conflicts have caused a delay until spring.

    Beavis, who is co-sponsoring the lock-in event with the Campus Activities Board (CAB), said the delay will nevertheless help ger make it bigger and better.

  • rockathon

    Rock-A-Thon ‘worth sleeping on the floor’

    For three days, Josh Frketic and Nick Sperdute battled to be the Last DJ Standing.

                During the competition, the battling DJs had to sleep on the floor, stay out of the Point Cafe and run some of the events held in the hallway for Rock-A-Thon.

    On the last day of Rock-A-Thon, Frketic, who was exhausted when it was over, won by raising the most money.  The Last DJ Standing event raised a total of $200.

  • ghost

    Investigators say paranormal activity ‘intense’

    Spooky rumors of the spirits and eerie incidents in the residence halls and at The Pittsburgh Playhouse give Point Park University its fair share of ghostly tales.

  • City Council Members Vote Council-Controller’s Plan

    Pittsburgh City Council members voted to accept the council-controller plan at the City Council meeting on Tuesday allowing the city to avoid a state takeover.

    The council-controller plan will provide a solution to the pension crisis by selling the city's parking facilities to the Pittsburgh Parking Authority. Some members feel it will not work but know a compromise is needed to come to a decision by their deadline of Nov. 1.

  • hightower

    Hightower urges students to ‘speak out’

    Politics were in the air on Wednesday, Oct. 20, as populist, activist, author and syndicated columnist Jim Hightower took the stage in the GRW auditorium at Point Park University. Wearing an ivory cowboy hat, Jim Hightower is described as being a "modern day Johnny Appleseed" with his goal to teach the value of populism to the modern American society. 

  • Bike access, labs re-open


    The installation of a new university bicycle program will provide students with more opportunities for exercise and additional no cost transportation methods.

    The recent re-establishment of 24-hour computer access is also giving students more availability to use the lab.

    Both of these programs have the possibility for expansion in the future to include more computers and bicycles, depending on student response.

  • CAB opens floor to student opinion

    While it may only be taking place during a cold Pittsburgh November, a Fourth of July tradition could be coming to the new Nathan's Famous hot dog restaurant, as Point Park University students compete in a hot dog eating contest as a part of the grand opening.

  • Pension still causes tension

    Even with a collection of Pittsburgh firefighters at the council meeting on Oct. 19., fighting for Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's parking lease plan to be reconsidered, City Council effectively nixed the plan.

  • Food issues discussed, debated

    Student complaints about food service in the cafe come early and often throughout the school year.

                The place is disorganized, there are no outside options, and it's closed on Sundays. unorganized and expensive

  • bikerack

    Bikes stolen from campus ‘in broad daylight’

    Parking bicycles on campus is getting more and more risky after two bikes were stolen from the racks outside Thayer Hall. The bikes were removed by a man and a woman at approximately 11 a.m. Monday.

  • south side

    City cracks down in South Side

    Emily Levier thinks the new enforcement of parking in the South Side is ridiculous.

    Tony Moux agrees with Levier and believes money is the reason why the crackdown is happening now.

    Lt. Shirley Sloan, commander of Zone 3(South Side), believes the enforcement is positive because it shows consideration of the people that live there.

  • Commuter Affairs Aims To Connect Students

    Development of a program designed to encourage commuters to meet and greet each other, as well as a Saturday program to help build resumes, are part of efforts being made to make commuter students feel like part of the campus community.

  • Hydraulic fracturing for energy, ‘no fracking way’

    Beneath the feet of nearly every Pittsburgher lies one of the richest deposits of potential energy in the world. The hard part is agreeing on what to do with it.

  • Rock-A-Thon celebrates 30th year with full load of events

    Nicholas Sperdute, WPPJ business manager, plans to start this year's Rock-A-Thon by participating in the Last DJ Standing competition on opening day.

  • WQED screening touches on cultural stereotypes

    As the lights dimmed in the WQED screening room in Oakland on Thursday, producer Neil Diamond, a Cree Indian himself, intoned, "We don't wear feathers or ride horses, but because of the movies, many people think we do."

  • Grand Opening of Nathan's brings Hot Dog contest

    While it may only be taking place during a cold Pittsburgh November, a Fourth of July tradition could be coming to the new Nathan's Famous hot dog restaurant, as Point Park University students compete in a hot dog eating contest as a part of the grand opening.

  • bus accident

    Port Authority bus hits man on Point Park Corner

    An unknown male was hit by a Port Authority bus this evening on the corner of Wood St. and Boulevard of the Allies.

  • improv

    Not Quite There’ was here, almost ‘fi lled’ GRW

    The Improv group might be "Not Quite There," but the laughs certainly were on Oct. 5 and 6. Those two nights were filled with crazy improvisational scenes and hilarious stand-up comedians from Point Park University.

  • Elections fill missing seats

    Amanda Schutzman

                It was out with the old, in with the new when one representative resigned due to her workload and freshman Joe Rittenhouse was installed as a representative after a run-off election.

    In other business during the United Student Government's (USG) weekly meeting, President Michael Potoczny asked members to pick from a list of university faculty committees that elected student officials can be seated on.

  • USG funding for organizations, events still complicated process

    Two more student clubs were allocated funds for events and activities from the student government, but some of their requests were slashed, leaving them alternatives like raising their own cash or reducing the scope of their plans.

  • Students 'Sleep-in' For the Homeless

    A volunteer at the third annual "Sleep-In for the Homeless" event faced a dilemma. He was supposed to lead his group of students and homeless participants in a scheduled case management simulation, but his group members were all surrounding the homeless people who were telling their own stories last Friday on the steps of the City County building on Grant St. in Pittsburgh.

  • Students ‘looking forward’ to RHA event plans this year

    Megan Beavis plans to give students ways to have fun this term enjoy having a new Lock-in event for both resident and commuter students.

                There will also be Late Night Breakfasts and a Condom Carnival to help students meet new people and learn about each other, as well as some college issues, in what is the beginning of a heavy load of programming this year.

  • Grant to allow purchase of new Port Authority buses

    Jim Ritchie, Director of Public Relations for Pittsburgh Port Authority, said the transit company will "benefit greatly" from the grant they received on Oct. 4.

    As a result, Port Authority will be able to purchase new buses so the older ones can be removed from its fleet, lessening the chance that Point Park University students will experience delays.

  • parkinglot

    Former lot on campus to become green space

    Next fall, students can expect to see much more greenery added to Point Park University's campus. Replacing the Teris parking lot next to the Boulevard Apartments will be an urban park for students' and the general public's enjoyment. Construction will begin within a week and the park should be in use by the next fall semester.

  • CAB employs Guerilla Marketing

                None other than the Point Park University Bison will be donning a ghoulish costume, racing through campus and scaring students into the event to help promote the upcoming Halloween dance,

                The Wood Street skywalk will be turned into a fashion runway for models to strut their stuff in promotion of the upcoming Point Park fashion show.

    These are just some of the creative and unique ideas for the first guerrilla marketing campaign by Campus Activities.

  • Students Invited to Attend WQED Community Cinema Screening

    Community Cinema, a newly created educational outreach program at WQED Multimedia, will make its debut on the Pittsburgh scene with a screening of "Reel Injun: On the Trail of the Hollywood Indian" on Thursday, Oct. 14 at 6:30 p.m. The event will be hosted by WQED at  their station located at 4802 Fifth Ave. in Oakland.

  • matthewmorrison

    Morrison speaks, encourages students to vote

    Matthew Morrison visited Point Park University's GRW Theater on Saturday Oct. 9 to let students know that "everyone's voice needs to be heard" in the upcoming midterm elections.       

    "Just to get out and vote- that was the main message that I had, because I really do have a voice as a young generation, and I think it's so important that people sometimes think that one other person won't matter, but it really does."

  • bike

    On campus thefts continue

    Members of the Point Park University community fell victim to thievery again last week after someone stole an LCD projector from a classroom sometime during the final days of September.

    The event marked just the beginning of a week filled with thefts on campus. Sometime between the evening of Sept. 24 and the morning of Sept. 27, an Epson projector was taken from room 302 in Academic Hall. Since it occurred over the weekend, no one could confirm when exactly the theft took place.

  • USG officially disbands clubs, organizations

    Twelve student organizations, including Alpha Phi Sigma (the National Criminal Justice Honor Society), the Gamers Club and The Calvacade, were disbanded by the United Student Government (USG)at this week's legislative body meeting after failing to comply with a mandatory audit.

  • Complaints yield 24-hour renewal

    Twenty four-hour access to computers will be granted once more to students in the upcoming weeks as a result of a United Student Government (USG) meeting on Monday.

  • internfair

    Internship fair provides opportunities for students

    Career Development hosted an internship fair on Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2010 that provided students the chance to talk with potential employers and make connections.

  • community service

    Point Park students volunteer to fill ‘different needs’

      The thick soup, which was the early morning fog, had long since drifted away by the time Point Park University students boarded the shuttles for Chatham University on Friday, Oct. 2. A number of organizations from around the Pittsburgh area had been selected for volunteer work from the pair of colleges and a few alumni.

  • Increased airfare fees, prices ‘inconvenience for everyone’

    Adrianne Tooley will soon begin searching for plane tickets that will cost as little as the $250 ones she was able to buy in the past.

    Cassie Wood must wait until she finds out if she is cast in any shows before she is able to book her plane tickets home.

     "The cost of flying is going to be an inconvenience to everyone," Tooley said.

     This is because airline fees have seen an increase of up to 50 percent in the past year, according to an article "USA Today" published on Sept. 27. With the holidays approaching, fees will not be coming down anytime soon, and some Point Park University students are re-thinking their travel plans for the upcoming season.

  • University smoking policy proves ‘tough to enforce’

    In the month since Director of Public Safety Jeff Besong e-mailed students announcing "24/7" enforcement of Point Park University's smoking policy, which states that there is to be no smoking within five feet from building entrances, little has changed. Students can still be found smoking directly outside Lawrence Hall and on the steps of Alumni Park.

  • Sleep-In For The Homeless event to be held this weekend

    Dozens of people gathered in Lawrence Hall lobby in Point Park University, dancing and singing, one day before the celebration of the school's 50th anniversary, but they were not there to celebrate the university's birthday. They are the university's neighbors, residents of the Wood Street Commons, cheering for the building's successful running by its new ownership.

  • Alternative parking initiative emerges USG

    Student commuters now have a choice of siding with Mayor Luke Ravenstahl of Pittsburgh's parking plan or the new plan issued last Wednesday by City Controller Michael Lamb.


    Some students feel that no matter what plan is chosen, Point Park University needs to step in.

  • New Plaza offers community ‘growth opportunity’

    For Chelsey Engel, the notion that Pittsburgh continues to develop more green and sustainable space is a good way to draw people into different areas and make them feel more welcome.

    That is why, as the president of the Student Alliance for Vitalizing Earth, Engel believes the greening of the rundown Allegheny Center on the city's North Side holds promise for positive change in the area's future.

  • bubbles

    Spirit Week ‘impressed’ Point Park students


    Overall, Point Park University's Spirit Week saw the rich urban campus transform into a carnival, a talent show, a film screening and much more as a part of something that hopes to become an annual event on campus.

  • Organization to bridge student gap


    A revival of the Commuter Club will aim to provide students with more activities, including free coffee and doughnuts and a mixer in an attempt to bridge the gap between commuters and on-campus residents. The club also plans to raffle off items that commuters could use, such as bus passes, key chains and Subway gift cards.

  • Thefts, funds, hours raise concerns at USG meeting


    The theft of two Apple iMac computers from Thayer Hall's second floor 24-hour computer lab has caused Point Park University officials to cut hours and students to complain that they cannot get their work done under the present schedule.

  • bike

    Biker involved in accident on Boulevard of the Allies

    A man on a a bicycle was involved in a collision at the corner of the Boulevard of the Allies and Wood St. on Tuesday afternoon. Further information has not been yet released. 

  • Firearms Club listed as inactive, pursues events off campus


    Last spring, Don Ruggery charged $230 on his personal credit card for a Firearms Club off-campus paintballing and camping trip, under the impression from the former United Student Government (USG) president that funding had been approved for an event with 10 students in attendance.             

  • The Body to host Jubilee Launch Party


    About 200 students from across the region are expected to gather in the Lawrence Hall Ballroom on Thursday, Sept. 30 at 7:00 p.m. to kick off the opening of registration for Jubilee, a Christian conference for college students. 

  • Day care facility close a ‘bummer’


    For Markia Moses, the distress of losing what she considers a quality daycare center through the closure of Point Park University's Children's School is only trumped by her inability to find another suitable facility Downtown.

    She laments the fact that the school was extremely helpful in helping her son who was born prematurely, stating "the teachers helped him so much with his vocabulary [and] his social skills, […], so I just really think it's a bummer that they're closing it."

  • Parking system ownership shift to ‘harm’ students, businesses


    Leah Shreckengast believes Pittsburgh should be more "sensitive" to students and their parking needs.

     Boulevard Del owner Jim Julian is concerned that his business will be negatively impacted by the city's latest bailout plan.

    Students and business-owners alike are expressing their concerns with the city's plan to lease the parking garages and meters for $452 million. 

  • buscuts

    Community voices transit concerns


    The Pittsburgh Port Authority has been the subject of numerous debates and much controversy for several months now. Ever since the Transit Development Plan was announced last year to give Pittsburgh's public transportation system a massive overhaul, announcements of rising fares, service cuts and massive layoffs have been reportedly resurfaced. 

  • no smoking

    Public Safety Department cracks down on smoking policies


    On Sept. 3, Point Park University students received an e-mail informing them that the Public Safety Department is going to start enforcing the 24/7 no smoking policy. In the e-mail, Jeffrey Besong, Point Park's director of public safety, stated "It has become increasingly difficult to enter the university buildings without walking through a cloud of smoke." 

  • Possible election changes vetoed

    USG Brief


    United Student Government (USG) President Michael Potoczny vetoed possible changes to the election board and freshmen elections from last week's meeting..

  • RHA to focus on students

    Students will be given access to suggestion boxes, have their laundry made easier and have chances to make their voices heard in the Residence Hall Association's (RHA) effort to make students more comfortable on campus.

  • pep

    Pep Rally kicks off Spirit Week

    Spirit week kicked off with over 400  students gathered for Point Park University's first athletic pep rally in years in the new Student and Convocation Center gymnasium on Monday, Sept 20.

  • Student robbed at gunpoint near campus


    Both the Office of Public Safety and Pittsburgh Police have confirmed that a Point Park University student was robbed at gunpoint late Saturday night while walking alone Downtown near the Gateway Center T Station,            

  • University joins partnership to attract more international students



                Point Park University is hoping that an increased number of international students will call Pittsburgh their home in the next few years as a result of a multi-university regional partnership.

                 "This partnership will provide valuable resources and connections for regional higher education institutions for recruiting international students, developing cooperation with institutions across the world and expanding our global footprint," said Dr. Sabine C. Klahr, assistant vice president of International Affairs at Chatham University, in a news release.

  • Police arrest suspect for South Oakland burglary


    A man police say entered the South Oakland home of one Point Park University student then took property from another student's home was charged Monday night while already in jail on unrelated charges.

  • ‘Miscommunications’ lead to inactivity for G.A.S.P

    Trevor Miles put a lot of time and effort into keeping G.A.S.P. (Gay And Straight People) an active club at Point Park University. But after hanging fliers and holding meetings to which he would be the only member to attend, Miles, a junior advertising and public relations major, gave up. 

  • Computers stolen from University



    Surveillance cameras captured him: a white man, appearing to be in his late twenties, exited Academic Hall with iMacs belonging to Point Park University over a two day spanin June. Footage showed his face, but it was not recognized by university officials.

  • student center

    Center to offer free services

    Free and spacious are the best words to describe the new addition to Point Park University campus. 

  • Bus Stop

    Commuters keep 'aware' during commute


    Kristy Johnson, a sophomore advertising and public relations major, carries mace with her when she leaves her off-campus apartment in Washington Plaza, near the Mellon Arena.

    Alyssa Zagorac, a senior acting major, always walks to Point Park University's Pittsurgh Playhouse shuttle with a friend.

     "I once had an older man grab me and say ‘I like you' on the bus," Johnson said.  "Another guy said ‘Let the poor girl go,' and then I moved to the back of the bus."

  • vigil

    Candle light vigil held to remember 9/11 attacks


    On Friday, Sept. 10, roughly 30 Point Park students and faculty members gathered together in Alumni Park to remember, reflect and pay their respects for the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. 

  • Changes made to spark involvement

    Senators propose ideas to increase school pride


    New United Student Government (USG) programs will aim to provide free incentives for student involvement as the result of recent meetings.

                Student leaders also made changes to improve the election process and filled empty seats on the committee.

  • Port Authority changes affect students


    Hannah MacIntyre, a sophomore advertising and public relations major, is worried about how she is going to make it to her classes at Point Park University next semester if her bus from Arlington is cut due to Pennsylvania transportation funding crisis.

  • Student clubs lack ‘vital signs’


    Point Park University's long-standing reputation for the diversity of the activities and groups it offers is in danger as a number of those groups including the College Democrats and Republicans, the Gamers Club, the Experimental Theater Project and the Firearms Club have failed to complete auditing requirements to achieve funding for the 2010 academic year.

  • Market Square renovations designed for ‘desirable use’


    Senior elementary education major Sarah Homyk likes the newly renovated Market Square, and said it "seems more friendly."

    Adam Steinsdoerfer, a junior cinema and digital arts major, disagrees with Homyk. He feels the new Market Square is very bland. He pointed out that the square's landscaping was much better before the renovation. 

  • silvereye

    Silver Eye Center features New Abstract Photography


    The Silver Eye Center for Photography opened its doors Saturday night for the opening reception of its newest exhibition: Spectra: New Abstract Photography. The exhibit formally opened Sept. 7. The opening reception featured Lisa Kurzner, independent curator, writer and art consultant. 

  • Club Involvement Fair Sparks Interest

    Point Park University's Student and Convocation Center was full of excitement and high hopes as a number of the university's clubs and organizations gathered to recruit new members last Wednesday.

    About 100 students attended the event, which was held on the 7th floor of Point Park's new Student Center, formally the YMCA.

  • crimelab

    Crime lab ‘first step’

                Passersby on the fifth floor of Academic Hall may be surprised to learn that behind the painted images of charming green curtains and beige doors labeled "508" are blood-spattered sofas and floors tracked with dirt footprints.

  • lawsuitgraph

    University faces lawsuit

    Some students feel unaffected by former employee's allegations

    Commuter and part-time students hearing about the lawsuit for the first time, filed by Point Park University's former senior director of student financial services last week, say they do not feel slighted in their financial aid packages.

  • Error leads to ‘blessing’

    With an excess of cash due to an error in the budget finances last year, United Student Government leaders purchased items such as office supplies, a camera and board games.

                Also among the purchases was the sponsorship of a multi-purpose room in the Student and Convocation Center, the financing of a blow-up game for Point Park University's 50th anniversary and red bins for residential halls.

  • bikes

    New policy requires students to register parked bicycles

    Marina Weis

    It is a weekday in the afternoon and out of the 11 bikes chained to the rack outside Alumni Park, only two have green ID stickers indicating they are registered to park there.

  • Former Point Park employee alleges cover-up, financial aid misconduct

    U.S. Department of Education says schools can determine who receives campus-based grants

    A U.S. Department of Education spokeswoman said universities have the right to decide to whom they give certain federal student aid, regardless of whether their decision is based on where students reside, or if they have a full-time credit load. Spokeswoman Jane Glickman told The Globe on Friday that the U.

  • USG Brief

    Representatives address bus cuts, new appointments at meeting

    United Student Government (USG) members met on Monday, Aug. 30 for their first Legislative Body meeting of the semester.

  • marketsquare

    Market Square welcomes business after 10 months of renovations

    After 10 months of renovations, beginning in April 2009, cars are now riding up and down Forbes Avenue and are freely moving around Market Square. The "new" Market Square reopened for public use in June 2010. The "grand opening" is scheduled for October 2010, however not all of the businesses that call the square home will be celebrating.     

  • 50th Photo

    University meets 50th Anniversary

    Point Park University is hosting a weekend-long celebration on Friday, Sept. 24 – Saturday, Sept. 25 to mark the 50th anniversary of the school. This year not only marks the 50th year since Point Park opened in 1960, but will highlight the changes the university has made through the years.

  • Students ‘really excited’ for revival of commuter connection

    In the past, commuter students may have shared Johns', but this school year, they  will have the new Office of Commuter Affairs, located in 403 Lawrence Hall and meant to give commuters a voice on campus.

  • Studentcenter

    Student and Convocation Center open for business

    Commuter and on-campus students alike can now work out, hang out and meet on campus in the newly opened Student and Convocation Center.

    The center, located at 330 Boulevard of the Allies, officially opened for student use on Saturday, Aug. 28. The building offers facilities for fitness, gaming, meetings and relaxation.

  • New dual-certification selection open for education majors

    In accordance with Pennsylvania's new laws, students will be able to complete a unique four-year program ending in dual certification with the education focus of their choice and special education.

  • Patbus

    Routes to be cut, fares to be raised

    Pittsburgh Port Authority is cutting and increasing certain bus services in many areas of Allegheny County, including the Hill District, East Pittsburgh and Wilkinsburg. Port Authority's decision to cut buses and raise bus fares, which was announced on Aug. 19, is expected to inconvenience many Point Park University students and faculty.

  • Game spurs debate, causes controversy

    In the Japanese video game RapeLay, players like 22-year-old Derek Littlejohn choose their own storyline in the process of evaluating how to rape a female passenger on a mass transit system, molest her two daughters and climactically persuade one of the victims to endure an abortion.


  • ‘Obama effect’ steps in ‘right direction’

    Jake Kimball, a freshman intelligence and national security major, believes that no matter what political issues divide the United States, citizens can still exercise their First Amendment right to free speech, and to him that is what makes America unique.

  • Symposium provides feedback

    Last Friday evening, Kelleshia Whitaker enjoyed having an opportunity to get feedback on her research poster at the Undergraduate Humanities Symposium.