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Student band to perform at Stage AE

Published: Monday, February 25, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, September 24, 2013 10:09

Nevada Color

photo by Sarah Cunningham

Nevada Color, which includes four Point Park students, performed at the Conestoga Starbucks last week.

The fresh scent of coffee and the sound of music floated through the Conestoga Starbucks on Thursday night. Local indie rock band, Nevada Color, played an acoustic set at the coffee shop an enthusiastic audience. During the chaos of cleaning up, the stylish band made time to answer a few questions and share their beginnings and where they are headed.

Max Kovalchuk, a junior sport, arts and entertainment management (SAEM) student, created the band with two other students, Quinn Wirth and Chris Cichra, around February of last year.

Though the band is relatively new, Nevada Color will be performing at The Club at Stage AE on March 9. The show starts at 8 p.m. with the band opening for The Apache Relay. Tickets are $12 at the door.

The band members are eager to open for a larger band that has a similar sound to Nevada Color.

“We are definitely excited about the show,” said Kovalchuk attired in black jeans and a denim shirt.

The band began as three friends who play music while hanging out.

“[At first] we just jammed a little,” said Cichra.

Then the trio decided they wanted to add some more sound to the band so they joined musical forces with Adam Valen, a sophomore SAEM, and Jeremy Westhead, 20 from Mt. Lebanon.

 “And what would you do without me?” responded Valen sarcastically, clad in layers with a Celtics jersey, plaid shirt and a hooded-jean button up.

Westhead made his way into the band through high school ties to Cichra.

“Jeremy’s mom has an ornament from me on their Christmas tree,” Cichra proudly stated about their relationship.

The musical talent includes Kovalchuk on guitar, Wirth on vocals, Cichra on bass, Valen on guitar  and Westhead on drums.

 With influences like Young the Giant and Walk the Moon, Nevada Color has an engaging sound with percussion driven instrumentals and heartfelt lyrics. Kovalchuk begins writing their songs then the rest of the band jumps in to add their parts.

“It’s a process,” said Wirth.

“A creative process,” added Westhead.

Another step in creating the band was deciding on the name Nevada Color.

“We were really brought to the word ‘color.’ We were Color Theory for a day then realized it already existed, I guess no one felt the need to Google that,” said Wirth, “And then I went on a race horse name generator and got Nevada Sound Wave.”

Westhead then showed a text message from July 18 asking if the band was all in favor of the name Nevada Color.

After the name was decided, Nevada Color set out to perform and in July they played their first show. They reminisced saying it was not their best performance.

“We blew through our first show in fifteen minutes. We were like energizer bunnies,” Wirth said.  

Now that the band is more seasoned at playing live shows, Nevada Color is more than thrilled to play at Stage AE.

“We are [most excited] about releasing the EP, we want to see what people’s reactions will be,” said the band members collectively, finishing each other’s sentences.

There are other exciting plans in the near future for Nevada Color. Their first EP, titled “Sharkey Lewis,” will be released this March.

“We recorded [“Sharkey Lewis”] in a church with Quinn’s best friend,” Kovalchuk said, “We have been working on it for four months. We are really excited to get it out.”

To get the word out about all of their upcoming events and releases, the band has to self-promote.

“We work social networking like crazy,” Valen said.

Like their Facebook page Nevada Color or follow them on twitter @NevadaColor. For advanced $10 tickets to the show go to or call 412-229-5483.

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