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Insult to Injury comes together to release first EP

Published: Monday, February 4, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, September 24, 2013 10:09

Insult to Injury

photo courtesy of Insult to Injury

Insult to Injury recently released their first EP “Dead Weight.” Band member’s Lees, Strauser, Andreaco, Liscio and Cavanaugh are all excited about sharing the new material.

While in good spirits during an interview at Caribou Coffee in Oakland, the Pittsburgh band Insult to Injury detailed its newly released EP, “Dead Weight.” They continuously joked with each other and gave insight to how Insult to Injury came about, what influences their music, the stories behind their tattoos and revealed exciting plans for the future.  

The members of Insult to Injury, Geremy Andreaco, Cody Cavanaugh, Marc Liscio, Charlie Strauser and Zak Lees, independently released their first EP on Jan. 15, which they were enthusiastic to talk about.

“It was really exciting. It was our first release on iTunes. All of the feedback we have gotten has been really positive,” said Andreaco, a junior sport, arts and entertainment management major at Point Park University, and the band’s vocalist.  

The EP features the band’s single, called “Changes.”

“[The song] showed the most of what we offer. It’s not the best song, but it gives people a taste of what we are bringing to the table,” Andreaco said.

Delving further back in the band’s history, Andreaco, 20, explained how their hardcore band evolved into the band they are today. In January 2012, the band currently known as Insult to Injury was formed with a different name, but in when Cavanaugh joined the band in November the name changed and so did the attitude.

 “We were all in previous bands that played together, [and] then all of the other bands fell apart…” he said.

 “…And we put together something beautiful,” said Liscio finishing his band mates thought. The 17-year-old is a sophomore at Woodland Hills High School and one of the band’s guitarists.

Formerly known as I, Creator, the band changed their name to make it more marketable. They used inspiration from Cavanaugh’s favorite band, Like Moths to Flames. Cavanaugh did some research and pitched the idea of the idiom “Insult to Injury” to the band members, and everyone liked it.

 “Unfortunately, nothing dramatic went into our new name,” said Lees, 18, a senior at Woodland Hills High School and the band’s drummer.

Insult to Injury is listed as a “metal/hardcore” genre on their Facebook page, and a lot of the band’s sound comes from their influences.

 “Lyrically, [what inspires me] is all of the stuff that goes on in the world you have to think twice about. I like to make people think with my lyrics and to connect and relate with them,” Andreaco said.

Conversation soon switched to the topic of tattoos, as Cavanaugh, 20, a sophomore sport, arts and entertainment management major at Point Park, was excitedly showing off his latest tattoo additions. Freshly added that night for his birthday, his newest ink included his mother’s name colorfully framing his knuckles, a finish to his right arm sleeve and an inverted all-seeing eye.

 “It’s for our band,” Cavanaugh explained of the latter, saying it was the most influential of his tattoos.

Andreaco, also clad in attention-grabbing tattoos, was eager to remove his layered black hoodie and camouflage vest to show off his meaningful ink, but quickly returned to talking about the band.

Lees and Andreaco described their forthcoming music as “creepy,” but in a “good way”.

“We want people to listen to our music and get goose bumps,” said Strauser, 20, the band’s bassist.

 Cavanaugh added, “Our style on ‘Dead Weight’ is a lot different from our new stuff… It’s a mixture of beautiful and haunting.”

Insult to Injury is thrilled with its touring plans for late spring and summer, which include 35 shows on the East Coast before May.  

“You can’t just keep playing in your hometown,” Cavanaugh said.

However, in the midst of its tour, the band is coming back to its roots to perform four shows in Pittsburgh. On March 10, 13 and 22, as well as April 28, Insult to Injury will play at The Ironworks in Oakland.

The band members’ excitement and expectations for the future tour include meeting new people, spending quality time with each other and “getting to the point on Facebook where people are asking us to come back,” Strauser said. 

Insult to Injury is more than just a band to these five best friends.

“Being in this band was the greatest decision of my life. These guys are my family,” Cavanaugh said.

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